(Jon Sosis) #1

Hey Peeps!

So I was just curious for your web series, how do you handle insurance? This next project has some SAG actors, two that are particularly well-known. I’m making it a SAG production, but required to sign all these insurance agreements just saying we’re going to have insurance (but not requiring any actual proof of insurance). We’ll be shooting some stuff outside, but most things indoors in office or apartments with limited risks of danger. Essentially one of the parts of the agreement say that SAG isn’t responsible if I don’t have proper insurance (which I wouldn’t expect them to be) so I just don’t think it’s something I want to budget.

Do you guys get insurance for your stuff? Would you in my situation?


(Bri Castellini) #2

@HackettKate? @Jeanette_Bonner?

(Herman Wang) #3

Front Row Insurance provides 2-week coverage packages ideal for short film shoots, and I’m pretty sure they operate in the US as well as Canada (where I’m from)

(Clif Johnston) #4

If you have a registered business, even as a sole proprietor, you can probably reach out to your standard auto/home insurance provider. I got a $1Mil business coverage policy from State Farm for about $30 a month.

(Jon Sosis) #5

Thanks guys. So it definitely sounds like you don’t skip out on the insurance aspect.

(Herman Wang) #6

Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend getting on SAG’s bad side

(Jeanette Bonner) #7

Hey Jon, I’ve always gotten my insurance through Fractured Atlas. Not sure if you are a member. It’s not just SAG that requires insurance but all my locations as well as my crew have required it. I think it shows you are a professional and even though you have “low risk of danger” film sets are rife with electrics and lights and humans and YOU NEVER KNOW what someone might damage, or - in terms of SAG - who might get hurt just tripping over a cord. I’d say play safe.

(Jon Sosis) #8

Good to hear. Thanks for the response! Going to start looking into it, specifically for the outdoor/Times Square shoot.

(Mary Mc Gloin) #9

If it’s SAG-AFTRA New Media and you are paying actors they require W-2 and workers comp as well as liability insurance. If you do deferred pay you don’t need that but you will still need liability insurance.

If you rent equipment you’ll need COI’s.

I used a payroll service and that included worker’s comp. I used MFE Insurance for the liability. It was a short policy just covering shooting dates.

Note if you do deferred payment it will be due upon trying to sell it, ie putting it on a paid platform unless you stipulate when it’s triggered.

(Melissa Malone) #10

Insurance is important and needed if you’ll be renting equipment. It’s also often asked for by locations, etc. For me, it’s a matter of peace of mind- especially if anything were to happen to anyone on set.

We used Film Emporium last season. This season we have been speaking to Movie Insure.