ISO: LA-based Creative Entrepreneurs (HMU/Photography/Social Media Gurus, etc)

I have been freelancing P/T as a personal branding consultant to artists and creatives since last year; however I’m putting more energy and focus into the business now in order to do it full-time. I have noticed that while I am based in Canada, I get a lot of interest from clients in LA.

I would like to create an LA-based referrals community of people who specialize in hair and make-up, headshot photography, social media specialists and so forth. With personal branding, my focus is on identifying someone’s existing story or brand and then determining how they can use that narrative into ongoing self-promotion. In some cases, though, I may work with the client on how to redefine their personal brand and essentially have an online and in-person makeover. In these instances I would love to be able to refer them to a trusted expert for their headshots, hair and make up, wardrobe overhaul and social media guru to manage their pages for a set period of time to get them on the right track. That is what immediately comes to mind, anyway.

If this would be of interest to you, I would love to chat and figure out how we can help each other’s businesses. You can check out my site and more about my consulting service at, or shoot me an email at