James Brent Isaacs and Omar Najam- Making That Web Series

(Kernen Wing ) #21

What was the driving force behind becoming a vlogger? What was the process from deciding to submit for GnS, figuring out what your niche would be and submitting? How did they let you know you were accepted and how did you celebrate that news? <3

(Elias Thompson) #22

Hello. I have a question for each of you.

James: If you could be any flavor of ice cream, which flavor would you be?

Omar: If a train is moving on a rail at 60mph, and another train on the same rail is moving at 40mph in the direction of the other train, at what point would you be convinced to either have or not have pineapple on pizza, whichever you dislike?

(omar najam) #23

Oh gosh what a good question! I don’t know if this is the most qualified advice from the most qualified person but I’ve learned that I don’t really like people who make me uncomfortable (okay when I say it like that it sounds super obvious) but over the years I’ve leaned into only “networking” or meeting or hanging out with folks who I really vibe with. So my best advice would be to find your tribe? That’s really worked for me. I mostly know chill nerdy people now and we tend to not invite non-chill people to our hangouts haha. I hope that helps and makes sense!

(Bri Castellini) #24

How does that translate to online networking? You mentioned you’ve met people via YouTube before, and I imagine a lot of your friendships have started online. How do you go about cultivating legitimately productive relationships from just being online, and how do you turn those relationships into partnerships/collabs?

(Kernen Wing ) #25

James: You played a very lovable stoner once upon a time, what is your history with drugs and alcohol off the screen? :upside_down_face:

(James Brent Isaacs) #26

Hello Blair,
We’ve worked together on a few projects, but this was the first time we’ve created something original together. Have to say; I really like it. Omar is an amazing partner that has made this process so much easier, and myself a better writer. And I might be pitching him another project soon…

(Bri Castellini) #27

Well I guess this is technically an ask me “anything”…

(Chris Hadley) #28

Hey guys! waves Great to see you both! Great to see you again, Omar! (He was on Super Geeked Up! last night).

(omar najam) #29

Thank you so much! This is the coolest! I’m positive James is going to have a really great, deep answer but on my end, we found the best producers in the world (Jenni Powell and Paula Rhodes) and I just asked them “ahhhhh what do we do?!?” and we took it from there haha. We met once a week to create and tackle to-do lists based off of the timeline we had set (and changed a few times) in the beginning. So one week we’d reach out to cast, another we’d work on perks, another we’d think up graphics, and then as we got closer to launch all of those to-do lists started bleeding together aaaand now we’re here! Haha

(Blair Hunter) #30

That’s awesome!! What’s it like creating art with a partner? How does the collaboration work, how do you split up responsibilities, etc?

(Chris Hadley) #31

Awesome. I love movie soundtracks.

(Kernen Wing ) #32

it wouldn’t be fun without something incriminating. I’m just getting it out of the way now before something worse can come along. :wink:

(Chris Hadley) #33

Do you co-write the show, and if so how do you guys split up the responsibilities on rewrites?

(Jaime Lancaster) #34

That’s awesome!! I love that process! How do you think about incentivizing cast/crew to share crowdfunding links or episode links? Are there strategies you use/things you do to make it easier on them, or more fun for them?

(Chris Hadley) #35

And what strategies do you use to carve out time for writing each script?

(Kernen Wing ) #36

Was there ever any headbutting when bouncing ideas? I sincerely doubt either of you would think your ideas were “better” per se but we often have ideas that are special to us that the other might not see as being as important as you do.

(Bri Castellini) #37

Y’all I think Kernen might have blackmail stuff on you… :joy: :joy:

(omar najam) #38

Thank you for having us!! And what a fantastic question! First of all, it was brilliant working at both Geek&Sundry and Machinima, I can’t tell you how lucky I feel. I think the biggest takeaways I got from seeing behind those curtains are: a) create content that you want to watch because then you’re the expert on what your audience would like and b) interact with your audience a ton and keep them updated as you’re making a thing so you can just take their feedback. A film film takes what, like two years to put out? It’s a very silent process until you put it in front of the folks watching it. But with web content, we get to chat about it every minute of the day and that’s so cool!

In terms of getting stuff in front of those companies, I will tell you, they are always looking for interesting and creative creators! If you are passionate and working hard on your thing, someone is going to notice. People love working with people who love what they’re working on haha.

(James Brent Isaacs) #39

I agree with Omar. A lot of people think networking is about finding the person that’s where you want to be and getting them to bring you up or take you on or shine a light on you or whatever. That’s stressful and confidence killing even if you don’t have anxiety. Issa Rae has a much better mentality that I think works for those of us that deal with anxiety especially: Call up your friends you already know, the ones that are still where you are and ask them what they’re doing. What they have that you can use. Work together. Bring each other up. And it will be easier on your anxiety because there’s already a relationship established.

(Meg Carroway) #40

Do you guys have a contingency plan for if you don’t reach your goal? That’s what always freaks me out about crowdfunding… even if I used a site that is forgiving with goals (like IndieGoGo or GoFundMe) I’d be constantly worrying about not making the amount I needed and having to try and sell my cast/crew on lower rates and stuff which would be awkward since I know the advice for crowdfunding is to get them involved early on.