James Brent Isaacs and Omar Najam- Making That Web Series

(James Brent Isaacs) #101

Yeah it’s really just scheduling at that point. You have to make sure that both of you are holding each other accountable for hitting each others deadline. And communication. Since you won’t be seeing each other, those emails and texts are going to be pretty important to stay on track.

(Kernen Wing ) #102

literally all of the hearts

(omar najam) #103

Ah ha! The one thousand dollar question. We’re so lucky to have such a supportive community so we kinda hit the ground running but for me personally, and everyone on this show will have a different answer, but for me I am starving for emotionally driven content. So with Fictional Fares, that’s what I’ve been throwing out into the world, that we have this idea that’ll spotlight all these characters that are scared, that are proud, that are confused, that are astonished, that are falling in love or falling out of love or are filled with dread, and I think other people who are starving for emotionally driven content glob onto that. With the added underdog element of crowdfunding, it gives folks a bit more ownership over the process which is so cool! When this show gets made, it’s for the audience, sure, but it’s also BECAUSE OF the audience. That’s such a cool model for content, we are kinda just delivering this thing that’s being driven by the audience. I think that’s the biggest aspect, for me at least, that excites people for a show that isn’t even real yet haha.

(Bri Castellini) #104

cough fest.stareable.com cough

(omar najam) #105


I used the term “kitchen sink” when I was replying to @blairbeveridge ridge earlier and I’ll refer back to that because I love films that look/feel like Clerks or Saturday Night Sunday Morning where it’s just a camera, some lights, some mics and characters. It’s less focused on a big to-do and more on the dialogue, the acting, the directing, what’s exactly in frame. As much as I love building a world on a stage or putting one together behind a greenscreen, film, to me, is taking photography and when you go out into the world, you are capturing and representing the world, even if actors are acting. With our show, we have actors playing fantasy characters but we’re driving through Los Angeles so we’re capturing a weird version of the world. That is so fun! It’s imagination meeting reality.

As far as books, I’m a weirdo where I have a hard time getting into contemporary literature but I can carve through a classic library. For the last few episodes of Thank You For Questing, I think I digested like five Irish mythology books. So again, taking this old human imagination in the form of classic literature and bringing into our contemporary reality is my jam haha.

(omar najam) #106

Again, I do all of James’s stunts.


(James Brent Isaacs) #107

Thanks Jane!

I’ve studied martial arts my whole life, since I was 5 and saw The Karate Kid for the first time. I’ve studied and hold belts in several styles since. In terms of film: I’ll take the fight choreography angle on this. Most big fights in a film (especially the final fight between the bad guy and the hero) tell their own story. If you look closely and really study it, they even have their own three act structure: Good guy starts winning, then the bad guy comes back and really gives it to the good guy, and just when all seems lost, the good guy recommits and takes the bad guy out once and for all. Take the subway scene between Neo and Agent Smith in the first Matrix for example.

Its a great way to tell a mini story within a story.

(omar najam) #108

Fortunately we’re working with this bay area company Revl. Their tech allows you to review footage on your phone because their app communicates with their dashcams! They’re… amazing. So those guys will go do a take (after a bunch of rehearsals) and they’ll come back and we’ll review the footage, make adjustments if needed, and then do a few more to see what we get! I get to be a lazy director because our cast is just so stellar.

And James and I actually shot three sample episodes that we improvised. We had to tape our phones to a few different places in his car since we didn’t have the cameras yet haha. We might throw those up this weekend.

(omar najam) #109

I’ll speak for myself, I have been hopping around working random production jobs that aren’t a huge commitment. I used to do digital marketing which was a blast but I’ve found it a lot easier to work part time and produce content. It’s a bit scary cause you have to keep looking for work but it’s a great way to meet folks!

(omar najam) #110

Ahhh I think my biggest takeaway from long distance experience has been to tackle a super easy project first. So like maybe 1 page scripts at first. I’ve been trying to knock out a few screenplays with oversea peeps but by page 20 we’re already exhausted by figuring out timezones and such haha. But when we’re just working on sketches or shorts, that thrill of success/completion drives us towards the next, bigger project!

(omar najam) #111

Everyone listen to the coughing behind the curtain! Everyone click the link behind the curtain!