Jamie McKeller - Director for RedShirt Films

(Jamie McKeller) #21

My stuff is probably more “really dark and f*cked up comedy” than horror. I’ve done some rom com stuff, but I love smashing mundane into fantasy. Give me Black Knight / Monty Python blood and guts over Hostel.

Horror has a massive audience, so it’s an easier sell for sure. As for a starting point, I think you need to be wired the right way for it. :smiley:

(Jamie McKeller) #22

Ugh. Yeah, spend money. Facebook has eaten itself, YouTube is broken. Twitter is still fairly solid, but you gotta be on there all. the. time.

Money is the answer to a lot of things, sadly.

(Jaime Lancaster) #23

Hi Jamie!!! You’ve made so many things- that’s awesome!! I want to be a producer someday and am working on helping a few projects pull together crews (all mostly standard dramas or comedies- no genre). Do you think there is a good starter set of crew members that MUST be on every production, and if so, what are those roles? I don’t want to over/under hire, but we’re on a budget so I want as much input as possible! :slight_smile:

(Jamie McKeller) #24

I see. Yeah, it’s all documented and whatnot, mostly for our kit insurance and PLI. All that sweet grown up stuff. I don’t have much to do with that side of it all though, I’m the creative idiot.

(Bri Castellini) #25

On that point, then, since you’ve been consistently creating and consistently successful with your projects (in festivals, in view counts, etc), do you have a marketing strategy? Or at least a few good, solid things that have worked for you when spreading the word in the past?

(Ollie R) #26

What if you don’t have many friends “in the industry” or you live kinda far out from a major city where lots of artists are?

(Jamie McKeller) #27

Watch a LOT of films. Study other filmmakers. Like learning an instrument, editing and framing has a melody to it.

Modern comedies (Seth Rogen stuff in particular) will shoot two shots in a scene, over the shoulder actor to actor then riff and improvise. Build the film in the edit. Stuff like Nolan will be plotted and planned to the last frame. Best way to learn it is to study and do.

(Ollie R) #28

Do you think there’s a better starting genre for new filmmakers? What about found footage versus traditional?

(sam lockie-waring) #29

hah i am also the creative idiot (mostly production design) of my group too. do you think that documentation has helped? was it worth it?

(Jamie McKeller) #30

We made “The Away Mission” with -

1st Asst Director
DOP / Camera Op
Sound Recordist
2 runners

Each project demands different scale crews. 100% though, get someone who can record sound properly!

(Meg Carroway) #31

I’m surprised makeup is on there! Not because it’s not important but because I don’t think I’ve ever seen an indie set with a makeup person unless it was for SFX. Why did you guys make that a priority?

(sam lockie-waring) #32

just checked out your yt channel- your stuff looks dope, dude. any production design advice when your resources (cash and location) are… severely limited? from one creative idiot to another hah

(Jamie McKeller) #33

I’m TERRIBLE at marketing. Social media is exhausting! I’m a bit old school, and I try to let the work speak if I can. With online stuff we’ll make BTS films, release stills and keep it interesting. Nobody wants to see cast looking at scripts, make a strong lead image or five.

Drip feed the content online, make it last. Try to encourage engagement if you can.

For press, a good release. Write up something the site can almost copy paste. Accept that nobody will write about a Kickstarter!

(Jaime Lancaster) #34

This is great- thank you!!! Did any of those people double up? Do you have advice for how people can balance holding multiple roles on set?

(Bri Castellini) #35

Can you give us an example of this?

(Jamie McKeller) #36

My bad. SFX make up is what I meant. I’ve never made anything without some red stuff flying about or an actor painted green from head to foot. :smiley:

(Meg Carroway) #37

Hahahahahahaha ok that makes sense. When you say “runners” did you mean PAs?

(Jamie McKeller) #38

Go silly. Silly effects (Bad Taste, Braindead) are cheaper than realistic looking stuff. Fake blood can be made so cheap, so don’t be shy :smiley:

(Jamie McKeller) #39

Yeah, that’s it. I’m English, forgive me!

(Marc L) #40

Hello Jamie. Wonderful to have you here today. I saw you mentioned you had worked as an actor before everything else- I am currently on a project that is horribly run but I have been advised by this community quitting is a bad option. Can you advise me on how to best handle an unprofessional (and occasionally negative or downright hostile) work environment as an actor?