Jamie McKeller - Director for RedShirt Films

(Jamie McKeller) #41

Yeah, we’ve doubled on the feature. Our 1st asst cam is also script supervisor. Art dept swallowed costume. Production manager is also 3rd AD on location.

I had to google a lot of film terms, job roles and what they did. All important but on smaller productions you can squash them together.

(Anna Bateman) #42

WOW you’ve done a lot! Is filmmaking your full time gig?

(Jamie McKeller) #43

For “I Am Tim” we made a “WHAT MONSTER ARE YOU” thing where you take the initials of your name, date of birth… that sort of thing. It got 100s of engagements.

Things like “here’s a photo of a character with a weapon. What weapon would YOU use and why?” Posts that ask for a response are great for social media, and gets your page on the radars.

(Meg Carroway) #44

Have you ever had to direct and act at the same time? Any advice about that?

(Jaime Lancaster) #45

Did you ever have difficulties with the squashing? People prioritizing poorly or getting overwhelmed?

(Jamie McKeller) #46

Hey Marc,

That’s a big question. Did you post a thread about it on here? I can have a look at it if you want?

I’ve walked away from a couple of things in my career, but it’s all weighed up with money / morals I guess!

(sam lockie-waring) #47

what about for set decorations? i’m really over the standard undecorated apartment look as i bet most people are

(Jamie McKeller) #48

It is, but I do mostly creative work for other people. I do a lot of short film adverts for social media for restaurants, tourism etc… I also work as a tour guide to bump up the income. But I’m aiming to be a full time film director by 2020.

(Marc L) #49

Yes, thank you, the thread is here: How do I quit?

I want to be a professional and carry out my obligations, but it can be difficult when I do not receive the same respect I treat the production with.

(Jamie McKeller) #50

Yes, but by accident. I play Tim in I Am Tim, but only because the actor bailed just before shooting due to a sudden BABY! I had a blast, but it was mostly improvised.


I killed myself off at the end of season 1 so I could lurk behind the camera. I pop up a bit down the line, but I wouldn’t like to act and direct at the same time.

(Jamie McKeller) #51

Not yet. Make sure it’s all in the same department, and ensure that the crew will speak up if overwhelmed and it’s all good.

(Jeanette Bonner) #52

Sam - feel free to email me any time if you wanna chat more about me creating my LLC, etc. kellyspoolhallproductions@gmail.com

(Anna Bateman) #53

COOL!! How do you plan on making that happen? I also want to be a director/producer full time but I have NO IDEA how to make that happen. Especially because filmmaking to build a portfolio is so expensive and difficult and yet you can’t apply to other jobs without that…

(Meg Carroway) #54

Do you have advice for how to make acting/directing all at once a little easier? It’s looking like I might have to do that soon (for similar reasons, though instead of sudden BABY it’s sudden TOO BUSY ON OTHER STUFF to work for no pay)

(Jamie McKeller) #55

People are cool, and have amazing houses. We put out a shout for “a super posh living room” and had some replies. This is the space we filmed in, for free.

(Jaime Lancaster) #56

How do you tend to organize your productions? And keep everyone on the same page/moving forward?

(Bri Castellini) #57

I think this question got lost in the shuffle!

(Jamie McKeller) #58

My first feature will be heading into horror festivals next year, and I’m already in talks with producers about the second. Nothing firmed up yet, but I’m planning to just keep going and fighting until I look around and realise I’m living from it. I’m almost there.

(Bri Castellini) #59

This one got lost too :slight_smile:

(Bri Castellini) #60

Another question swept up by too many people needing your advice :slight_smile: