Jamie McKeller - Director for RedShirt Films

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I’m making a short Christmas horror later this month to be out in December. We’ve got a web series in the works, but not sure if it’ll go ahead. Chestersberg is premiering in March 2018, and we’re already writing the second feature with the intention of shooting in late 2018.

(Jamie McKeller) #82

Not much, to be honest. It’s still a lot of work! But if anything, it’s easier as we’re not planning a long term release. It’s one solid body of work, and that’s actually proven easier to keep track of.

(Meg Carroway) #83

wow holy crap!! Are you guys thinking of putting the features online, or are you keeping those more to the fest circuit?

(Jamie McKeller) #84

There are no silly questions. :slight_smile:

My early stuff is up there. If you get time, watch episode 1.1 of I Am Tim, then jump to 3.1 and see the difference in… all of it.

(Jamie McKeller) #85

Depends how we do in festivals. If it’s picked up for distribution, it’ll be out of my hands. If not, I’ll put it on Vimeo and embed it in at www.chestersberg.com

(sam lockie-waring) #86

if you could go back to 1.1 you and give yourself advice, what would you say?

(Jamie McKeller) #87

Calm down, take your time. Don’t rush it. Never shoot more than 3 pages a day (this will never happen…)!

(Bri Castellini) #88

Alright folks, that about does it for today! HUGE big thanks to @redshirtjamie for his time and expertise! Check out his stuff- you’ll thank us for it later :slight_smile:


CHESTERSBERG- http://www.chestersberg.com/1

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Thanks Jamie!! This was awesome!

(Hailey Harper) #90

Thanks so much @redshirtjamie!

(Jaime Lancaster) #91

Thank you! And thank you Stareable again for bringing us awesome people!

(Jamie McKeller) #92

Thanks everyone! I’ll keep an eye on this thread in case anyone who missed it has anymore questions.

If you want to keep up with what’s going on -

RedShirt Films page - https://www.facebook.com/redshirtfilms

Chesterberg Movie page - https://www.facebook.com/chestersberg

And if anyone thinks “oh man, I have waaaaay too much money” please do consider helping out with our final week of shooting here - https://www.gofundme.com/chesterberg


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Finally, I mostly post on Twitter. We’re shooting in a corn maze for the next two days so expect some fairly odd tweets…

@redshirtjamie is where you can find me.