Jonathan Robbins (Clutch, Asset, Out With Dad)

(Jonathan Robbins) #103

Hey Larry! And thanks for piping in with some opinion Herman.

  1. Most webfests and awards will only look at the episode you submit. If they are interested in looking at more, it would be built into their submission (such as linking to the website or youtube channel). HollyWeb Festival, for example, looks at the entire series already, so they ask for this info in the initial submission. (They then let you choose which episode you’d like to screen if you get in). I haven’t heard of a case where someone would say “we really want to see more” when they otherwise aren’t doing that.

  2. Check the requirements as far as when things have been made/released as often “new episodes” must be available to resubmit. However, yes, it’s absolutely worth doing that. If you haven’t had success with what has been sent thus far, then that may be try with a different episode and see if that changes.

  3. It completely depends on your goals and your strategy. Honestly there is no right or wrong answer on this. But I can’t think of any case where releasing online will hurt your chances of getting into a fest, but I can think of a couple where not releasing it will. You might reach out to a festival you have a relationship with, if you have one, about the possibility of a premiere, or simply note in your submission if it will be one. You could then time the online release with that premiere so you cash in on the publicity around your screening.

PS - That’s so cool about Stars! I got to see them live a couple of times :slight_smile: