Just For Fun in a Flyover State

(Amanda Taylor) #1

My production partner and I live in Utah, where there is a flourishing YouTuber/Instagrammer community and a decent film community but NOBODY is making scripted series. We go back and forth on wanting to try it “for real” and realizing we are so incredibly limited by our geography and the people around us for networking, talent, crew, etc.
It’s not feasible (nor is it a goal of ours) to move to LA or NY, so we’re sort of resigned to just a moderate amount of internet success that definitely isn’t going to translate into a job.
I’m looking for tips from those of you outside the hubs on finding the right people to work with and dealing with the “should we go to Hollywood” question!!

(Bri Castellini) #2

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(Jaime Lancaster) #3

Hi Amanda! I’m not sure about the “go to Hollywood” thing either honestly but I know that especially for the writing and early stage jobs (even for web series) it’s the place with the most going on so it’s the easiest place to start (easy being relative o’ course!)

I guess the big question is what IS your goal? If it’s just for fun, maybe just keep the things small with people you already know/work with? If it’s to get hired to do something, maybe stick to not full series and just do proof of concepts and try to sell to a production company or use it as a visual resume without worrying about distribution/audience. But also maybe if you can get in contact with YouTubers in your area they might want to expand into scripted series and then you have an existing audience you can tap into and they might even help find funding if they get a prominent position in the project.

(Herman Wang) #4

So I don’t know anything about this festival other than it’s in Utah and we sent in a submission http://www.webseriesfest.com/ but it might be a good place to meet locals interested in scripted content.

Sometimes when we’re looking for extras we tap local theatre groups, as there are often stage actors curious about getting into film, and web series are a fairly tame way to test the waters.