Kate Hackett (Classic Alice, OTHER STUFF)

Hi there! I’m Kate Hackett. Who???

I’m just copying & pasting my bio because I’m late:

Kate Hackett: cat owner. book lover. pie eater.

Hey there! Now that the Very Serious formal bio is out of the way… I’ve been acting since I was 5 years old, trained alongside Emerson students in Boston and the bigwigs out in L.A., and am working within the web/internet community to branch out into new (and old) media. Along the way, I started working as a private tutor/acting coach to pay the bills and I’m extremely nerdily enthusiastic. If you’ve ever worried about an actor getting hammered before a shoot, worry no more: I’m about as wild as you’d expect from someone who thinks the English Civil War is kind of hilarious (I mean, Charles II! stop dissolving Parliament!! What are you dooooing?! doofus). I also read like books are going out of style; you can follow me on Goodreads if you want to see what’s on my shelf (let’s geek out!).

Basically, what all that dorkitude I just gave you means is that when I love something, I love it. I throw myself in - all in - and that’s what I’ve done in my work on screen as well. I’ve studied serious tehcniques (Stanislavski! Adler! Meisner! Shari Shaw! Schmancy Name!) and I’ve studied the “fun stuff” (UCB! improv troupes! sketches!). I can shift from beat to beat, moment to moment, in a comedy and I can find the reality - and the humor - within drama while staying out of my own way.

I live in Los Angeles with some idiot cats and so many books that I store Harry Potter on my kitchen shelves.

I write & act. I made Classic Alice, which is now on AMAZON at http://bit.ly/CA-amazon and I’m really excited to talk about some other shows I’ve made & sketches too. Kate & Joe, Not a Plan (currently being shopped), blah blah.
Ask me stuff!


Whatever happened to the RA character from book 1?

Josh the RA!

Which was super annoying because Josh Compton was our director, but:

Gentry White is WORKING man. He’s on Turn, he was on Unreal last season. The guy’s BUSY. So we lost him. But wasn’t he top aces?

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Congrats on Amazon!!! I loved all your twitter and tumblr accounts when the show was running originally… What do you think you gained, story-wise, through utilizing transmedia, and what will new audiences on Amazon miss as a result of not being a part of it?

Top aces indeed! I always felt like he had so much more going on… did you originally have a few storylines featuring him more prominently that you had to rewrite when his star took off? Anything fun you could share with us?

Thank you so much! I’m so happy we found a new home for it. Amazon has been super awesome for us so far, I’m looking forward to expanding the relationship.

I thought about doing a slow, live re-release, but I think that’s a little bit of a big ask for people who are streaming on their TV – they aren’t watching on a screen, then busting out a phone, then scrolling on a computer… They just want to plop & watch. So hopefully they aren’t missing anything (well, they’ll never know will they!)

AND it’s such a huge job for me to tackle all by myself. Imagine re-scheduling… All. Those. Tweets.


I wish there was a great way to stream all the trans media along with it. Something automated so I could just let it play out. I probably still wouldn’t do it for Amazon, but maybe if Facebook ever pays on videos…? Still, that’s a lot of work.

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Nope! He would’ve been in it more of course, that’s always the goal, but I didn’t have anything planned that I had to toss.

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Is there like, one thing or storyline that played out in the transmedia stuff that you’re sad people who are newcomers on Amazon will miss out on?

Alice’s book was pretty cool. Oh - all the Ocelot Call articles about Ewan outting Cara. That was pretty great.

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What was the process like getting the show on Amazon?

Why did you decide to go with Amazon? Did you look at other platforms? Are there trade offs you had to consider?

omg yes all the Ocelot articles!! Were those all you?


I had to create art for every episode, every season, and it was a very specific package that Amazon required.

I also had to recut everything. I wanted to spare you the theme song playing constantly AND I wanted the new titles in place of the old ones. So I cut things up and had Erin Wert & Kate Welsh quality control check for me. Nobody tell me if I missed anything. :wink:

Then I had to submit to them, make sure everything passed THEIR QC and then wait for May 19th!

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I’m sure no, I think the filler ones were Dana and Kate. I did the plot-oriented ones.

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What’s next in the pipeline? Are you working on new shows?

You’ve had some successful crowdfunding campaigns. I’m going to embark on my own soon. Any advice?

How did you decide how to group episodes, and how did you decide to group-title them? Since there are like five or six YouTube episodes per Amazon episode.

What’s an aggregator?


I just finished Not a Plan (starring me & Chris O’Brien), which I made a pitch pack for & am shopping around. Hopefully I can find a home that’s better than just YouTube; frankly, I’m done w them.

I’m working on a pilot right now, which again I want to shop – but I also really want to make it. I think it’ll be the most “grown up”, intricate thing I’ve tackled. I like it a lot so far.



And don’t feel too beholden to fans. They give you $, sure, but it’s not their product. It’s yours.