Kt McBratney, Seed&Spark's head of marketing: AMA!

(Kt McBratney) #21

Thanks Bri!

@mintypineapple I love this handle! And this is an excellent question!

There’s a few things you can do to avoid feeling like this (or worse, coming across this way!)

  1. Engage, don’t just promote! This works really well on social, email and in person, but it can apply to most marketing channels (broadcast TV spots are a bit tricky, but still doable). Reply to feedback or shares, share resources or news related to your project, ask for ideas, say thank you (this one really goes far).
  2. Make sure what you’re marketing is to people who care, and show why it’s valuable. That way, you aren’t “selling” something, you’re solving a problem or need.
  3. Look at what’s working, and cool it on things that aren’t. You’ll feel better about it, and the people you may be annoying will appreciate it (plus you’ll be freed up to try something new that may work better!)

(Blair Hunter) #22

Do you have any cold email tips for when sending press releases? How do get past all the other marketing noise, as you put it? :slight_smile:

(Pablo Andreu) #23

Hi Kt! Any tips for boosting a crowdfunding campaign during the inevitable lulls after the initial swell of support? How do you maintain momentum or re-ignite that support?

(Ollie R) #24

Kinda related to @mintypineapple’s question about not wanting to be annoying, when you’re announcing a new show or episode, how do you market that fact more than in a single post without it just being the same “hey new episode” post?

(Resistancenotfutile) #25

I’m actually not a creator, but I’d like to support diverse creator voices, and I don’t have an Apple TV or a Roku. I’d say I generally watch most streaming services on a laptop (through the web browser), but having an Android app that can cast onto Chromecast would work great, too. Even an iOS app would help for iPhone/iPad users with Chromecasts (not all iPhone owners have Apple TVs, for example).

I realize it’s considerable cost (developer and otherwise) to add another streaming platform or two, but it would certainly make it easier for subscribers to subscribe and thus allow for more support of Seed&Spark creators’ works.

(Kt McBratney) #26

Hi Anna, what a great question!

I think marketing is best — and most effective, and enjoyable — when it’s a two-way street. Mutually beneficial, not just serving the business’ interest. And I let that drive me as a marketer.

That means I approach it from the service or value to the audience/customer first. What are they getting from this? How is what I am offering them of value?

I guess my outlook is that I’ve been marketed to so much (and haven’t we all!!), that I know when a brand is about them, and I don’t care. So I approach marketing as showing the audience that they already care, and then it’s less of a “marketing” and more of a connection.

We’re all people at the end of the day, even marketers :slight_smile:

(Pablo Andreu) #27

Are there any plans to allow creators to interact and build a community on the S&S platform even when not in crowdfunding mode?

S&S seems to have a robust community of filmmakers. It seems like there would be a big opportunity for creators to be interacting continuously and building a following. I, for one, would be on the platform all the time year-round if that were the case.

(Kt McBratney) #28

There are so many good resources out there, and tons are FREE!

  • SEO/SEM: Neil Patel has a FABULOUS blog with tons of resources about organic and paid search. Moz is also a great resource for anyone looking to get into search marketing.

  • Inbound.org is great for content marketing

  • Kissmetrics has a DEEP library of resources for acquisition marketing (getting emails, sign ups, etc)

  • Adweek, AdAge and Digiday are amazing for ideas fro creative campaigns and to keep up on what’s new and trending (especially quirky cool attention-grabbing campaigns)

  • Seed&Spark’s Social Media Charm School is a great entry to marketing your films and creative projects: https://s3.amazonaws.com/seedandsparkcontent/sites/default/files/downloadable_pdf/social-media-charm-school.pdf

  • And Medium has a bunch of great first person stories, lessons and ideas around marketing for newbies and experts alike (I usually find one article and then jump around through what’s recommended until I realized that 2 hours have passed!)

(Pablo Andreu) #29

What are some effective strategies and techniques for stretch goals?

We’re launching the S&S campaign for season 2 of STRAY next week. While we’ve been hyper-focused on reaching our target and getting our ducks in a row ahead of the launch to accomplish that, I also want to plan for great success.

How do you keep people interested/engaged when you’ve already met your target? (which really is the bare minimum we needed to complete season two)

(Jaime Lancaster) #30

Thanks so much! Do you have any advice for not burning out? Especially when you’re promoting the same thing over and over again and not much new is happening with it, as is often the case in web series? You make a thing, then you spend a billion years trying to get people to watch so you can maybe start a Seed & Spark campaign for season 2 :wink:

(Bri Castellini) #31

Without a promotions budget, what are the best free ways filmmakers can get the word out about their shows most effectively?

(Kt McBratney) #32

Thank you for asking this!!! I was a reporter for a brief time, so I feel the pain of journalists and the cold email.

AND YET I SEND THEM. Because there’s ways to break through the noise and not be a pain:

  • Do your research first. See what the writer or editor covers, and show them in the email as specifically as possibly that you know they cover (for example) comedic web series by creators in their 30s and you really loved X real article they wrote.

  • Be spedific and get to the point. Don’t tell them you have a comedi web series by a woman in her 30s; tell them your comedic web series by a woman in her 30s would be a great follow up piece for X (or whatever you want to story or interview to be).

  • Offer something or give a clear ask: Offer a sneak peek or interview. Ask if you can send a screener. Ask if they’d like to attend your screening or event.

And don’t EVER address it to dear editor. Remember, there’s a person on the other side of that inbox!

(Meg Carroway) #33

Do you have any tips for working people through the funnel?

(Kt McBratney) #34

Love this idea…and we’re actually working on some updates to better connect the dots between the crowdfunding and streaming side for creators (and every stage in between).

Would love to hear your thoughts on what would be interesting and useful…and those of other creators here of course!!

(Bri Castellini) #35

Psst- I’m trying to highlight unanswered questions in yellow to help you sort through them :slight_smile:

(Kt McBratney) #36

Oohh, the fun of stretch goals!

Use what you have in your favor: the momentum! And be sure to let your audience know HOW the additional funds will be of use. You know people are already into your project, now add fuel to the fire! Then it’s not asking for more $, it’s showing how a little more can make a big impact!

(Bri Castellini) #37

Signal boost!

(Bri Castellini) #38

Also signal boost!

(Kt McBratney) #39

Caffeine and limited sleep seem to work for me…kidding (kind of).

Feeling burned out (or that your audience is) is REAL. And it’s okay. The best solution when that happens is to change up how you are messaging your project. Have you been posting a clip a week followed by a tweet? Change it up! Run a poll asking what characters they resonated with the most! Post a series of articles about issues your characters face. Make a silly Instagram behind the scenes. Change your ad copy or visuals.

The good news is YOU will get burned out by the same message before your audience (you are living it every day, all day). Take this as a chance to refresh before they get over it.

(Jaime Lancaster) #40

What if you’re less burned out by your messaging and more burned out by doing it at all? Or is that more a question for a therapist… LOL!