Kt McBratney, Seed&Spark's head of marketing: AMA!

(Bri Castellini) #41

too real, Jaime :joy::joy:

(Kt McBratney) #42

Good 'ol Facebook…changing things JUST when we think we have it figured out. That’s the only thing that’s stayed consistent with them.

I think a blog can be a great tactic, even when Facebook is doing well, IF you have the right content and frequency to maintain a blog AND if your audience reads blogs. And they good news is that you can try it with a small time investment and find out! Be sure to post the blog posts to Facebook to see if they jump over to read more, of course. And promote the blog elsewhere to see if there’s another non-Facebook hotspot.

If they are only on Facebook and only engage with things by hitting the like button, you might want to look at a more minimal blog platform like Tumblr OR integrating your blog INTO Facebook so you can deliver blog-style content where they already are.

(sam lockie-waring) #43

man i’m late to the game today. how can filmmakers who hate marketing (like in @Bri_Castellini’s column ‘i hate marketing’) make it more fun/sustainable for themselves? echoing the burnout sentiment from other questions in here

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Also, I love blogs for sharing actionable tips, lots of photos and videos, first-person accounts…which filmmakers tend to have in droves!

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The struggle is real, friend. The struggle is REAL.

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Wanna know a secret? I hate marketing.

There, I said it. Anyone who knows me knows this is true. Because most marketing is just ads and noise yelling at your about stuff you don’t want or need or care about. It’s not about you. And I don’t have the time or energy for that.

SO. Wanna know my other secret? I don’t think I work in marketing. I work in CONNECTING. I connect Seed&Spark to filmmakers and to audiences who care about independent creators, sustainable careers, great movies and shows, representation in entertainment. And it just so happens that some of the ways I do that are also used by marketers.

Maybe it’s a mind trick, but it’s worked for me (and my clients and companies) for a very long time. And if it ever feels like I’m an icky marketer, I question what I am doing and readjust…and the results skyrocket.

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THANK YOU! So many great ones!

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Alright folks, that’s our hour. Kt might stick around for a bit to answer the remaining questions, but no matter what, huge big thanks to Kt for being with us today!

(Kt McBratney) #49

Running out of time, but a few ideas before the buzzer:

  1. Social media. Find hashtags and groups and connect then promote your stuff
  2. Your existing network, including cast and crew! Get the people who already care to spread the word to people they think will care.
  3. Get involved! Offer an AMA or a class or to speak to a class or write a guest blog! Put yourself out there, and people will reply
  4. Stareable. Obvious, but worth shouting out!!!

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Thank you, @kt.mcbratney!

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Thanks so much for your help!!!

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The questions were amazing, and I wish I had time to talk an hour on each. I’m actually heading off to our Facebook Live about the emotional ups and downs of crowdfunding that starts in half an hour; you’re all invited there and to any and ALL our our events.

HUGE HUGE thank you to Bri and the Stareable team…what an amazing community and platform.

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Thank you very much! @kt.mcbratney!

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And if you have any other questions, feel free to hit me up on Twitter (@k_to_the_t)