Lessons Learnt: Creating a Team

This year we created the web series Out of It, a comedy about three women, hitting 30, who return to their old student bar for a boozy night out. You can find the pilot online on Stareable.com with further episodes to be filmed later this year.

As well writing the series we were responsible for casting, producing, script editing and all the jobs in between. As a result, we had the steepest and ultimately best learning curve that we could have asked for. This blog will week-by-week share with you all the things we learnt along the way.

1. Create a Team & Trust Them

Mind the Gaps: Know what you don’t know and who can help.

As two writers, getting our pilot filmed seemed an impossible task. We first appealed to our immediate community to find a director. Luckily, we found someone who could highlight the difficulties in filming our script (e.g. that a round dinner table scene would be trickier to film than a scene outside.) Once we had a director on-board it was easier to find the crew with his help. Finding someone with more experience or more contacts was helpful in putting together our team.

Production Meetings: Listen to people.

When you have so many different people on a project, you can’t be in the middle all the time. When we first started, we tried to relay information to the next person, but our messages became crossed and the ideas were losing focus. Book in production meetings where everyone is present, any questions that arise can be asked directly and you can build a better team when you all meet in person.

Smells like Team Spirit: Look after your team.

By the end, we had a hugely supportive team in both filming and fundraising which was amazing considering that we hadn’t previously met them. We made sure that we organised the day not to waste their time, allowed for plenty of breaks, we were onset only when needed and provided plenty of food. There are too many bad people in the industry - don’t be one of them.

We would love to hear your comments below. Join us next week to discuss working within your means.


The amount of people who don’t listen to their team, especially their more experienced teammates, is infuriating!! You really hit this nail on the head- a trusted team is one of the most important parts about any creative endeavor. Thanks for sharing!

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Wow! I didn’t know getting a team was even possible. That sounds so luxurious.