Link your web series trailers!

Better late than never! Here’s our latest Season 2 trailer. Oh and a new episode this Wednesday!

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Here’s is our latest from Enfuego Entertainment. “Hijab”

Here’s the full trailer for Horse Head: Season Zero!

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Here’s the final trailer for “Stuck on the Telly” our new web series.

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Here’s mine for This Week In the NFL, a ‘reboot’ of a talk show. YouTube

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Going Both Ways will be premiering soon.


Hey up!

I’m new here and just starting to work my way through all the helpful info and guidance (thanks Bri and team!) It’s inspiring and encouraging to explore all the web series here in one place.

Here’s a quick teaser - trailer to our series, FULL OF MIND -

And a link to our pilot ep: FULL OF MIND /

I’m thinking we should do another version that’s a bit longer and sets up the characters and world a little more.

Any thoughts would be great!

Thanks for all the info



Lukulele Trailer

This is our web series trailer. It premieres on the 6th of January and we are excited we are finally getting it out there. It’s based on an obnoxious vlogger who gets into a spot of trouble while live streaming. It would also be great to get feedback from anyone.

Hello all! Happy to share the full series trailer of Dot and the Green Pea here!

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Happy to! This Trailer


Looks like I missed this thread until now. Here’s the Unicorn Included trailer: (episodes coming Jan 14!)

Happy new year, everyone!

We have two trailers available for WICKED ENIGMA

Season One Trailer:

Holiday Teaser:

Full 30min Episode:

Would love to hear your thoughts and which trailer you preferred.

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Hello! The first episode of our new web series premiered this Monday!

Episode 1:

Would love to hear what you thought of it! Or any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

I felt the Holiday teaser was the better trailer - it seemed tighter with a higher energy level

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Quirky and fun. I did think the intro, while technically impressive, was a bit long at almost 2 minutes.

Hey Herman, Thanks for the feedback! The reason we have done it that way is because we are creating a ‘trilogy’ of series, so wanted an epic opening for the first episode that we can use as a theme throughout the three series. Although I can understand it is quite long :slight_smile: Our visual effects designer does love to show off :stuck_out_tongue: Check out episode 2, see what you think!

Hiya, we just launched a new series Ground Rules - trailer’s here.

Have signed up for a stareable page for it! =)

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heres my ghost series YouTube

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Cross posting my trailer. Self edited. :no_mouth: I thought it captured the essence of the only two episodes I have so far, so am pleased with it.

I was surprised by how many editors do not edit trailers. My show editor basically said it wasn’t her thing. Very specialized.
I just uploaded my trailer today! Very excited for my first web series!