Link your web series trailers!

For us it was either ending on some “cool” VFX and/or something provocative to entice people to watch.


What did you consider provocative about the clips, assuming the viewer of the trailers had never seen your show before? What made one clip more provocative than another for a newbie viewer in your mind?

Most of the trailer is a series of quick cuts in time to the music, except the last one; that is the only one with audio, it lasts about twice as long as the others and kind of sums up the character. It also brings the trailer to a “crashing” halt.:pirate_flag:

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The same kind of basic psychology knowledge used for general directing. In any context, I think anyone would find this gesture provocative:


For us it was a moment of humor in all the darkness. Our series is pretty dark, but it’s full of light moments, etc. For “Golden Rule” it was a teen slasher which are notorious for a kind of meta/poking fun at itself feel which is why we went with the typical jock guy “killer party” moment. It’s usually more about the line of dialogue itself than the scene for us. For ‘Knock Knock’ the “We’ll try to remember everyone’s names, but there’s a lot going on…” kind of sums up our whole season. lol.


The footage we’ve shot was made for the teasers and promos, and we wanted to give viewers a sizzle for what’s in store.

Hey everyone! Here’s the link to the trailer for my web series “The Jersey Connection”

I made this trailer in a way to convey what the series is about. It’s got a fast moving story (as a whole), very stylized dialogue/characterization/editing, employs sleazy subject matter (which I based its cinematography on), and basically grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go.
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Here’s the resulting article :slight_smile:

Is that Emily Best (CEO of Seed&Spark) at 00:47 to 00:49 of the trailer?

I spied Emily as well!! Love her.

We JUST finished our trailer today (even though the show was released almost a year ago…)!

I’m gonna go read your article now!

All I’m seeing is a “video not supported” error for yours :frowning:

Hey, since this topic’s been revived, here’s the teaser trailer for my latest project Illuminagents. We’re currently in the preliminary phases of figuring out our financing strategy.

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Okay - here’s mine for Season 2 (which just launched last week): 22 Bones Season 2 Trailer

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My apologies, folks…I just realized that I already posted a link to that trailer back in August.:flushed:
Ah, the joys of an aging brain.

Web series: The Boy in the Bathroom Sink
Trailer #1 -
Trailer #2 -
Watch full series @

Better late than never! Here’s our latest Season 2 trailer. Oh and a new episode this Wednesday!

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Here’s is our latest from Enfuego Entertainment. “Hijab”

Here’s the full trailer for Horse Head: Season Zero!

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