LIW Pride: All For One

Fast Facts

  • Series title: All For One
  • Created by: Sarah Shelson & RJ Lackie
  • Starring: Gwenlyn Cumyn, Alejandra Simmons, Xavier Lopez, Claire Gagnon-­King, & Linnea Currie-Roberts
  • Elevator pitch: Corruption is rife in the Dumas University student union, and Dorothy Castlemore is determined to take down the enemy with the help of her internet friends, the Inseparables, and sisters from the feminist sorority Mu Sigma Theta. The unearthing of secrets, however, forces Dorothy to realize that she may have bitten off more than she can chew.
  • Features: student activism, 100% shippable main couple, totally-inclusive-not-just-girls-or-cisgender sleepovers, quick-witted humor, strong female characters, female friendship, WOC, FANTASTIC ensemble, gay rep, bisexual rep, transmedia, closed-captioned


Following the theme of rebellious college students, let me introduce you to the glorious webseries that is All For One. Based on The Three Musketeers, freshman Dorothy Castlemore shares her sorority rush life at Dumas University with her group of internet friends, the Inseparables, through livecasting. She’s aiming for Mu Sigma Theta, the sorority with a feminist core, the same as her roommate Connie Bonacieux and her late Gran. Unfortunately, she managed to get on the bad side of the president of the student union Rick Liu and his underling Owen Rouchefort (and enemies of MST president Anne Bonacieux) not once but twice. Luckily the second time she’s rescued by a group of MST sisters, Portia Vallon, Ariana Henries, and Alex Silleg, before she could get another black eye. This is not the only time Dorothy’s hot temper and habit of rushing into things gets her in trouble.

The writing for this series is phenomenal. Each character is distinctly their own, with both initial depth and a far-reaching arc of character development that makes you want to go back and watch the beginning again after finishing the last episode. The whole ensemble is engaging, and the videos move quickly enough to stay dynamic without losing on character growth. Portia is a fierce friend and Instagram queen, but also lets herself be talked over and ignored. Ariana is a sarcastic computer genius who has a tendency to shoot everyone else down for showing the slightest bit of optimism. Alex is the designated ‘mom friend’ with an almost fanatical obsession with rules. Connie is kind and intelligent, but she doesn’t really open up about her life or relationship. And our main character? Dorothy is a dreamer who likes to set her heart on things and people quickly, but is also the kind of person who will quite happily punch someone who looks at her funny (which she does. Several times). Of course, no series would be complete without their villains. And what a delightfully, convoluted villainous plot there is. There are a few plot twists, so I won’t get into it. But it’s amazing.

Beyond the plot itself, the production quality is truly INSANE. Everything from the costumes to the set design is well-balanced and put together. The presence of the Inseparables means that the audience gets hilarious commentary on the sidelines that make the internet friends feel like real people, and since the characters are speaking to specific people it makes the dialogue more personal. The webseries also features transmedia to follow along. It’s been somewhat abandoned since the season ended, but they’re working on season two now so it should be revitalized soon. I’ll admit, it’s pretty long. But this is the kind of series that you want to sit and binge watch with your close friends. Multiple times.



This show is brilliant, funny, original and heartwarming. I fell in love with the show so fast. While I have my doubts about the last 3 episodes personally, the show is still a standout and I cannot wait for the next season.