LIW Pride: Northbound

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Fast Facts

  • Series title: Northbound
  • Created by: Oh For Cute! Productions
  • Starring: Alice Hale
  • Elevator pitch: Smol introvert takes New York City
  • Features: Strong female protagonist, f/f relationship, 100% shippable main couple, slimy git, outside-of-bedrooms vlogs, sibling relationships, bookworm, closed captioned

Though shorter than one might hope, this adaptation of “Northanger Abbey” pulls on your heart on behalf of Catherine Morland, a shy freshman college student who struggles to find her place in the big city. Faced with the turmoils of making friends and choosing a major, Catherine finds support in her new friend Isabella Thorpe and sister Jamie. But she did not expect to meet the self-proclaimed charmer Henry Tilney in the bathroom, and consequently his quietly passionate sister Eleanor. Catherine is able to find kindred spirits in the Tilneys through love of debate and fandom, but as time goes on she is forced to question who she is putting first: her friends or herself.

Catherine can be seen in all those who have leapt into the water without thinking. She makes mistakes, watches her friends make mistakes, but this well-executed webseries shows Catherine learning to stand for herself and not let the people around her make decisions about her life.

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