LIW Pride: Nothing Much To Do

Fast Facts

  • Series title: Nothing Much To Do
  • Created by: The Candle Wasters
  • Starring: Harriett Maire, Jake McGregor
  • Elevator pitch: Everything you love about Much Ado About Nothing but the women stand up for themselves
  • Features: strong female characters, brilliant set, female friendships, rivals-to-lovers, 100% shippable main couple, montages, humor, fantastic script/adaptation, out-of-bedroom vlogs, multiple perspectives, musical numbers, great ensemble, smol cinnamon rolls

Beatrice Duke is excited to attend Messina High and move to Auckland from Wellington, because she’s spent every summer there with her dear cousin, Hero Duke. Hero’s two mums have left the house for a six-month belated honeymoon, and so the teens (and watchful older brother Leo) have full reign on the house. Though she is thrilled to be spending more time with her cousin and her Auckland friends, there is one person in particular that she is not pleased to see: Benedick Hobbes, her former friend and current rival. To her, Ben is immature, always wants to be right, and, in Beatrice’s words, “a dick.” Ben complains on his channel how annoying he finds Beatrice, and also features his friends Claudio and Pedro. Well, I say ‘features’ but I really mean ‘routinely mocking Claudio for his crush on Hero and romance in general.’ Don’t worry, the beloved duo Verges and Dogberry also run their own wannabe-Sherlock sleuthing side channel where they focus on finding lost cats and end up finding out a lot more.

If you want to talk about an outstanding LIW, Nothing Much To Do is where you go. The creators are clearly lovers of Shakespeare, because where text isn’t translatable they still manage to shine light on the true meaning of the original text. The camera work is extremely polished, especially in the montages and party episodes. The multiple channels address concerns about ‘would they really say that on so-and-so’s channel’ and also provides a regular change in voice and background. Since the channels are split up, side characters like Meg, Ursula, and Balthazar are given the space to be more fleshed out into some of the best characters in the series. In terms of text, cinematography, acting, and directing, NMTD goes above and beyond.

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