LIW Pride: The Cate Morland Chronicles

Fast Facts

  • Series title: The Cate Morland Chronicles
  • Created by: Apple Juice Productions
  • Starring: Madeline Thatcher
  • Elevator pitch: An enthusiastic fangirl learns to navigate the journalism and adult world as she decides to stop watching adventures and start making her own.
  • Features: humor, strong female characters, POC rep, gay rep, female friendship, various sets, great ensemble, precious cinnamon rolls, 100% shippable main couple, fantastic costumes, closed-captioned, professional filming, #relatable

Rather than letting life pass her by, fan blogger turned professional journalist Cate Morland uses her experience as a blogger to develop her writing skills and her confidence to contact her parents’ friends the Allens for some career tips. This conversation lands her an editorial job with the esteemed Persona Magazine, and she is thrilled to be working so soon after grad school. Her bubbly and enthusiastic character is immediately likable, and her journey reflects the one of so many fans nowadays that are growing up and using their love of fandoms to create their own opportunities. But she is a post-graduate school awkward mess, and her quickness to assume paired with a general obliviousness of the people around her puts her into some pretty uncomfortable situations. Her counterpart, Henry Tilney, is charming and funny. However, he’s also a child star grown up and struggling to navigate Hollywood while keeping close to his personal morals. His father has plans for him, his manager has plans for him, and he has plans for himself, and he struggles to balance the needs and wants of the people around him. The series provides a unique insight into the behind-the-scenes of the lives of professional actors that isn’t always spoken of in straight terms.

The lovely characters and acting aside, this webseries is top-notch in terms of quality. Despite being a vlog, the episodes keep the settings fresh by switching between Cate’s office, her bedroom, Henry’s home, and even Comic-Con. The vibrancy of the costumes and writing keep the audience engaged, and there’s quite honestly never a dull moment. Secondary characters like Isabella Thorpe and Eleanor Monk are not put aside when it comes to depth and personality. Instead, they shine to the point where you wish that you could watch another webseries exclusively about them. Even the odious John Thorpe has complexity to the point where you can at least understand his point of view, even if you don’t agree with it. He is an annoying killjoy who says fandoms are for kids though, and don’t we all know someone like that? The lighting and sound are well balanced for most of the episodes, and the production design has a lot of love put into it. This webseries was a stunning LIW debut for Apple Juice Productions, and it will make you laugh, scream, and remember the best parts about being a fan.


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Awwww love this Aubrey. Thank you so much!! I still love and miss Cate.


AUBS I JUST SAW THIS - are you still writing these or what?! this was so cute/accurate/informative/kind