LIW Pride: The Writing Majors

(Aubrey Johnson) #1

Fast Facts

  • Series title: The Writing Majors
  • Created by: Betwixt Productions
  • Starring: Shelby Stillwell, Carly Hayes, Cody McCoy
  • Elevator pitch: Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde, and Emily Dickinson are roommates and Creative Writing majors, and there’s an episode where Oscar Wilde watches the Oscar’s.
  • Features: humor, anxiety, strong female characters, female friendship, gay rep, bisexual rep, various sets, great ensemble, M/M relationship, precious cinnamon rolls, agoraphobia, power of friendship

Instead of a novel or play adaptation, watch the lives and personalities of Emily Dickinson, Oscar Wilde, and Jane Austen unfold on the screen. Emily starts her video blogs out of anxiety, worried that one day she’ll get Alzheimer’s and forget her friends and experiences. In fact, most of Emily’s actions are driven by anxiety, to both the amusement and concern of her roommates. Unfortunately, Oscar and Jane struggle to support Emily, instead dismissing it as a quirk. Emily is forced to face her agoraphobia when a couch surfer Jack Kerouac is welcomed into their apartment, and despite her initial reservations he teaches her how to take what life throws at you. As Emily develops her self-confidence, she also learns that the anxiety is part of her and not to let her roommates push her out of the way because of it.

Witness Oscar attend parties (populated by F. Scott, Agatha Christie, and other future greats) in fur-lined sweaters, and the Jane rant about the “friend zone” (“emphasis on the air quotes because sarcasm” -Austen, 2014). The characters manage to balance each other really well, and the energy and humor of each episode never fails to bring a smile. The audience can genuinely feel the camaraderie and fun that the friends have together. Jane attempts to understand her fear of relationships distracting from her desire for a career, and Oscar struggles to care about others outside of himself after getting his heart broken. The acting is entirely natural, the writing is great, and the sets/costumes are beautiful. If you haven’t watched this webseries you are missing out on one of the best ones out there; it is honestly twenty-nine episodes of amazing.