Looking for LA County creators interested in screening their 2018 webseries + be on a panel

(Danny Riv) #1

Hi all,

I am working with @alwaysafilmgeek on a webseries screening and panel event at USC. It will be aimed at USC students, as well as members of the 500+ person Long Beach YouTube Creators Meetup.

We are looking for about 4 additional webseries that either premiered or will premiere this year. @alwaysafilmgeek’s new series Recon will be part of the lineup.

After the screening we would like at least one representative from the series (director, writer, actor, etc.) to be on a panel and have a discussion + take audience questions. This is why we’re looking for people who are local and can attend the event in person.

If we get enough interest, we can split this into multiple events organized thematically.

Let us know if you have a series! Please post a link if it’s already out so we can take a look. Thanks!

Edit: To clarify, the earliest we could possibly host this event is sometime in October. It’s not happening this month.

(Emma Drewry) #2

P.S. USC also has huge screens so if you want to see your work on a big screen, this is a great opportunity :slight_smile:

(Erica) #3

Hi @Danny_Riv,

One of our Producers for Naturally Ours: https://www.stareable.com/series/view/naturally-ours-rediscovering-canadas-parks was LA based until a couple of months ago. She is in Phoenix now, but depending on when this is, I can see if she’d be able to return to LA for it, and use that as an excuse to have a visit and catch up with some of her friends there.

Love that you are doing a web series panel, by the way.


(Bri Castellini) #4

@TheAshleyClem @brendanAbradley @movieguyjon @screen14pictures

(Danny Riv) #5

Who else can we tag? I know there are people on here who would be interested in this, but I am blanking on shows that came out (or will come out) in 2018.

(Danny Riv) #6

First one will probably be in October. Not sure on exact date yet. If it goes well we hope to have more. Probably won’t do more than one per month, but no plans have officially been made.

(Erica) #7

Great. Once you have a date, let me know and I can check and see if Lori is available to participate. Her email is lori@ahimsamedia.com and mine is erica@ahimsamedia.com.

(Jonathan Hardesty) #8

Oh, this sounds like it would be a blast. Unfortunately I don’t have anything releasing in 2018 or I would try to get in on this!

(Tim Firtion) #9

Hello! My name is Tim Firtion. I’m the creator and star of a web series called “The Jersey Connection”. The first season has just premiered this summer! I am based in NJ but I could easily come out to LA for an event, especially one that sounds as cool as this one. There are four episodes out now (complete first season) and you can view them via this link: YouTube.com/c/thejerseyconnectionseries

Hope to be included in this event! You can contact me through my email: tfirtion@gmail.com

(Magdalena Waz) #10

Hey @Danny_Riv! Any updates on this event?

(Kacy Boccumini) #11


We just released our web series today and will continue through the month of October. It’s a 22 episode sketch/music video series based on the music of Comedian Scout Durwood. She’s a lesbian Chantuese comedian who wrote the entire series and eduted and directed a huge opart of it. I am her producing partner, we have two other talented Directors (one who is a USC grad) and our amazing DP. Would love the opportunity to share this series.

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