Looking for Web Series to Build Case Studies on Sustainable Funding Around

(Erica) #1

I am researching Sustainable Funding Models for Storytelling Projects as a part of my Master’s. Would love to include some web series in the mix.

Let me know if you’d be interested in being interviewed on the funding model of one or more of your projects.

Our criteria for the Case Studies is:

  • Crew / Employees are getting paid. (There is value to volunteers, but at present there is a gap in published funding models that show people getting valued for their work with fair pay.) To allow for the odd educational volunteer, we are stipulate that 80% of crew are paid.
  • While Creators may initially defer their fees, long term they are building a funding model in which they too would be paid.

We will be making the Case Studies available on StoryToGo (and the interviews associated with them on YouTube) and will be speaking on at a conference in Galway.


Anyone game to be interviewed?

(Herman Wang) #2

Hi Erica, we met at the last Vancouver Web Fest if I recall correctly.

I don’t know if I’d fit what you’re looking for, but the basics are:

  • The web series is The Spell Tutor, which is now complete at 4 seasons.
  • Our cast and crew were almost entirely paid, at non-union rates. The only exceptions were a handful of extras over the years.
  • While the show itself was not able to be revenue-generating, because it’s essentially a work of fan fiction, the long-term goal was to build a portfolio to show what I can accomplish. I’m currently working on an original web series pilot with the goal of using that to pitch for funding.

(Erica) #3

Yes, this absolutely fits, @hermdelica.

Part of my goal with this is to create a resource for Creators like you and I to explore different solutions for building sustainable funding around their projects.

If you are game, I’d love to interview you for one of the Case Studies.

(Herman Wang) #4

I’ll send you a private message

(Kate Hackett) #5

Classic Alice
The Long Dig

Revenue generating. Everyone paid, union.

(Erica) #6

Two fascinating projects. Would love to interview you on them and their funding models, @HackettKate, if you are game.

(Kate Hackett) #7

Sure thing!

(Erica) #8

Most excellent. I will shoot you an email sometime in the next week.

(Steve O'Reilly) #9

Hey Erica,

Happy to chat. Everyone was paid- SAG NEW MEDIA… here’s the series


(Erica) #10

That would be wonderful, Steve. Thank you. I will be in touch, via email.