Make a video look like a live stream?

(Hailey Harper) #1

Hey guys! Happy new year!!

I’m working with a friend to make a vlog series and one of the episodes we want to do is a video that’s supposed to look like a live video stream- what tools do we need, or editing things, do we need to make it look like a live video even though it won’t be an actual live video? Any ideas??

(Bri Castellini) #2

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You could edit in stream lag maybe, by going blurry for a few seconds and then getting clear again or by skipping a beat or two but have the audio need to catch up for a bit.

Definitely choose which platform your characters are streaming from- YouTube live is just a video, but Facebook live might have like emoji reactions happening in the bottom part of the screen.

(Hailey Harper) #3

How do you make emojis go across the screen??

(Bri Castellini) #4

Uh… shapes/image .PNGs and keyframes. I know those words but not at all how to apply them. I bet John or Herman has advice on those though!

(Jonathan Hardesty) #5

If you want to mimic the idea behind the FB livestreaming emoji animations, you can use a tool like after effects (or any like program) to animate pngs to go across the lower third of the screen. That could take some time though if you want to really get the look and feel down, so you could always try and copy twitch streams which depending on how you want to approach it can be under lit, static wide shot angles, obnoxious overlays, etc.

(Hailey Harper) #6

What do you mean by obnoxious overlays?

(Jonathan Hardesty) #7

A lot of livestreaming (on twitch) involves a webcam of you and the game you’re playing, surrounded by large, branded borders with all your socials on them. If you go through twitch for awhile you’ll see what I mean. A lot of them are done well and professional enough, while others fall into what I would consider obnoxious. It’s kind of like the internet version of the CNN, MSNBC overlays.

(Hailey Harper) #8

OH. Interesting. Ok cool. Thank you! Do you have other ideas for showing lag like Bri was talking about?

(Jonathan Hardesty) #9

Easiest thing I can think of is cutting frames from the stream. If someone is talking/moving, maybe interrupt with a cut. Doing that every now and then, combined with the flat lighting and static framing, would indicate to me that it’s a stream. You could also have the video itself freeze and the audio continue for maybe 1-2 seconds and then have the video catch up.

(Herman Wang) #10

Yeah, I can whip up a quick VFX column on how to do that. It’s pretty easy with the right components.

(Herman Wang) #11

At @Bri_Castellini’s suggestion, I’ll have a column on this up by end of day

(Hailey Harper) #12

Thank you!!

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Thank you!!