Make us a podcast theme song!- LAST DAY!

(Stareable) #1

Job: Write/compose a short theme stinger for Forget the Box, Stareable’s brand new podcast! 10-20 seconds max, preferably with some synth overtones as we are a tech/internet company, but we’re happy to hear anything you might come up with! Instrumental only. must be original/not copywritten

Compensation: Unpaid, but we’ll shout you out in every episode to thank you for the music!

Contact: Email .WAV or .MP4 files to with your name/the way you’d like to be credited.

Other details: Submissions due before June 5th, 2018!

And f you’re in NYC, we’d also love to invite you to our podcast launch party!

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(Herman Wang) #2

Another detail you should include is due date

(Stareable) #3

Good note! Added :slight_smile:

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(Herman Wang) #4

Arrrgh, I started on a half-decent idea but I don’t have time to properly fine-tune it, as I’m doing film stuff for the next week straight :frowning:

(Bri Castellini) #5

Last day to submit, everyone!