Managers are for screenwriters only?

(Alex Barbag) #1

I see stuff on the internet about how to get a manager for screenwriters. You need to have a few scripts. But what about web series creators? It seems silly to send the script around when you more than likely have already made the video.

So how does someone who has made web series get a manager?


(Kate Hackett) #2

Webseries are not end game. TV/film is. Your digital scripts might be great for samples to GET a manager, but he or she isn’t going to pitch you just for digital shows.


(Alex Barbag) #3

What I meant was that I want someone to shop my already made web series around so that I could get something for TV/film.


(Gregory Quarles) #4

Alex Barbag,
Great question, what managers are looking for partly is how you are showcasing your work to someone new. aside from basic, universal agreed structure, it is really defined by how you are communicating your story and/or message and adaptability. How does your story look in a web series? how does your story look animated? and so on.
Ms. Hackett has spoken the very truth about the end game. I didn’t like hearing it because I hope for a world where it is an open market for creators to get more support for web series, but until there is a lot more money to be made, web series are not there yet in the “Hollywood” perspective. I am excited for Stareable …I believe Stareable is ahead of its time and web series will be a lot more prevalent, as creators collaborate and start making quality (not expensive) productions.