Marketing an animated webseries

(Phillip Lewis ) #1

Hey, I’m in the process of creating a 3d animated webseries due to be released in February 2019. It’s an alien sci fi that contains a good mix of action, adventure, and a thought provoking story. My question is once completed how should I got about promoting in order to achieve the best possible results, I.e. Viewership, sponsors, etc?

(Herman Wang) #2

Web series festivals are usually pretty sparse in the animation category, so if you enter a bunch you’ll likely get some Official Selection/Nomination/Winner laurels you can brag about.

Your series also sounds like it’ll fly at comic-con film festivals, where you’ll get the opportunity to get it directly in front of your target audience.

(Phillip Lewis ) #3

Do you know of any good comic con festivals coming up in 2019? I know I may not get into the main on in San Diego because it’s pretty exclusive. What about social media? How much should I rely on this for promoting? I’m trying to fight out how I can get people view it once it’s complete.

(Herman Wang) #4

For finding cons, you just have to keep your eyes open. Here are some we’ve submitted to for 2019:

I would lean heavily on social media - as an animated series you’ve got a treasure trove of stuff that would make great pictures for posts.

(Phillip Lewis ) #5

Did I mention that there’s also going to be a trump episode as well😀