Marketing Research

(Emma Drewry) #1

hi all! i’ve been on a journey lately to connect more with the vocal online LGBTQ community since my show is steeped in queer culture, and we wanna get our name out there! i’m just now starting to find some of the podcasts/writers/micro-influencers/etc. who care about what i’m doing, and a lot of it’s by chance months into this process. so i’m wondering-- how did y’all find your niches?

(Bri Castellini) #2

Not to be That Guy, but this is literally the topic of next week’s webinar I’m doing (and a talk I’m doing at Hollyweb at the end of the month if you’ll be in attendance!)

(Bri Castellini) #3

High level- it’s a lot of stalking similar shows to see where THEY’VE been covered, picking up on social media patterns of fandom leaders in those communities, and sending a lot of personalized messages to moderators on subreddits to see if, instead of you link spamming them, they’ll advocate for your content on your behalf since the community there already trusts them.