May NYC Stareable Screening and Community Forum Launch Party

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If you aren’t in NYC, had to miss tonight’s event, or you just wanted to learn more about the awesome shows we screened, look no further! Remember — if you liked these shows, leave them a review on Stareable to help others discover their awesomeness!


After receiving a strange package in the mail, “Relativity” follows college student Erin Barclay as she unexpectedly finds herself hosting two strangers, artist Perry and grad student Candace. They are quickly placed in a life or death situation as the object in the package unsticks them from time, causing them to experience time jumps, but not in the same order. The series is structured so that the same ten episodes can be viewed in three different orders, each order following one character’s subjective experience of events, all the while raising questions about fate and mortality. But, you know, in a fun way.

##Lady Parts

Lady Parts is a feminist comedy about young female actors, the sexist nonsense they encounter on the job, and the moments that push them to stand up and fight back against it. One part sketch comedy, one part pop-culture criticism, all served up with a healthy dose of snark, Lady Parts is a look at the situation on the ground in the trenches of the entertainment industry. Based on the internationally featured blog


STRAY is a “bromantic” comedy in which a brash gay dude, Jay, and a nerdy straight guy, Rich, talk sex and relationships.

##Jenny Slate Must Die

A web series about Annie Fuentes, a stand-up comedian who can’t shake a resemblance to Jenny Slate and decides to do something about it.

##Choose Your Own McGurskey

Ever wish you could control the outcome of your favorite show? Well, Choose Your Own McGurskey (CYOM), an absurdly hilarious video series about a washed-up, former macho man, lets the viewer do just that. The 17-episode interactive series lets viewers call the shots at the end of each episode, driving to the next video and ultimately controlling McGurskey’s fate in a bizarre narrative.

##The Feels

The Feels is an online show with super-short episodes, released one-a-day for a month. Instead of a big story arc, The Feels catches moments in the life of Charlie, a bisexual guy who’s got way too many feelings.

##Three Trembling Cities

Three Trembling Cities is an intimate portrait of the inner lives and daily struggles of the immigrants who make NYC’s heart tremble with hope. The first season follows two ‘circles’ of immigrants as they juggle jobs, relationships, family expectations and dreams.

#Introduce yourselves in this thread! Who are you? What shows are you involved in? We want to know!

This Week On The Forum- May 14-21 2017
What are some festivals you think are worth it?
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Not only am I the Community Liaison for Stareable, where I do social media, write and curate for the blog, and do general outreach amongst the community, but I’m also a filmmaker myself! My shows:

Brains- Creator, writer, executive producer, lead face person, sound, editor, everything
Relativity- Executive producer, assistant director, assistant editor, sound, script supervisor
Stray- Associate producer
History (season 2)- Associate producer
The Mother Lode (coming soon!)- Producer, assistant director

(Jonathan Kaplan) #5

Hey everybody! I’m Jonathan, 1/2 of Killing it! ( I’m sooo bummed to have missed yesterday’s screening but I will def be at another meetup and other screenings in the future! Can’t wait to see all of your shows!

(Chris Hadley) #6

Hey guys! waves

My name is Chris Hadley, and I’m the writer/creator/co-producer of the cable news parody/satire web series The Late, Late News.

In addition, I also write about web series for the blog Snobby Robot, and about film, TV and video game music for Film Score Monthly Online.

Thanks so much to Bri for inviting me to join you guys here, and for giving me the chance to contribute to this ongoing discussion.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge of web series, as well as my advice and suggestions on making web series. I will gladly help you in any way I can.

Most of all, I look forward to supporting and encouraging present and future web series creators here. Looking forward to meeting you all, and discussing all things web series with you!

(Chris Hadley) #7

My articles on web series can be read on Erik Urtz’s superb blog Snobby Robot!

Season 2 of my series, The Late, Late News, is now in production! Watch all episodes here:

(Katie Adele Nazim Hunter) #8

Hey guys! I’m Katie Hunter, the showrunner behind RideShare! Just launched our second season, check it out.

I also edited the [un]Afraid pilot.

My production company is Space Camp Productions. Right now we’re focused on RideShare, but we’re developing other web content and shorts coming soon!

Because I never sleep, I’m also a playwright, actress, and comedian. My plays have been performed off-Broadway at the Cherry Lane Theater, published in Dramatics magazine, produced throughout the US and once in Morocco! I wrote for the American Theatre Company’s BRIDGE project for two years, crafting plays based on the lives of Chicago high school students, and I’m an alumnae of The Coterie Theatre’s Young Playwright’s Roundtable. Here’s my web site, if you want to see more of that stuff.

(Katie Adele Nazim Hunter) #9

Chris, did you know my boyfriend Ian Smith is in your first episode of The Late, Late news?!

(Bri Castellini) #10

mind blown


(Pablo Andreu) #11

What’s up, party people?

I’m Pablo Andreu, writer/creator of STRAY.

I also write this thing.

I’m always looking to connect with other creators, so if you’re a creator, especially if you’re a creator of any of the shows that screened last night (they were awesome!), definitely reach out to me: I tweet sporadically @StrayShow. Or you can be old-fashioned and email me at I know, crazy, right? Sharing my email so will-nilly like that. But that’s me. I live on the edge.

(Chris Hadley) #12

Yes! He did a great job as “pro-people activist” Fred Thornhill in the opening episode. Thanks to MartinJon Garcia (creator of Our Cultural Center, another amazing web series) for putting him in touch with me! They’re both awesome, talented people!

(Chris Hadley) #13

Hey Pablo! Great to see you here! waves Thanks for the info about STRAY, and the Tubefilter blog you’ve been writing on its production. Very informative and insightful.

(Chris Hadley) #14

By the way, you guys can email me at My Twitter is @filmwritr4.

(Jonathan Kaplan) #15

Oh shit dudes, I feel I didn’t say more of my other stuff! In addition to Killing it! I do a bunch of other stuff!

(History Web Series) #16

Hi everyone! Jack Tracy here, creator of LGBT/NYC based web series History ( on which the lovely Bri serves as an associate producer. Over half way through filming season 2 and not dead yet from filming content for six 30-min episodes so…that’s good.

Also wrote some things for the Stareable blog as your resident lawyer smarty-pants. Nice to meet you all!

(Bri Castellini) #17

Yo it’s a really excellent blog if you guys haven’t read it!! I have used it a TON since Jack wrote it.

(History Web Series) #18

Will lawyer for extras/crew. :smile:

(Pablo Andreu) #19

I’m going to remember this!

(Herman Wang) #20

Hi, I’m Herman.

My series is The Spell Tutor, based in the Harry Potter universe. We’re screening in a few weeks in our home town Toronto’s TOWebFest where we’re nominated for Best Family Content.

We were going to visit NYC last month, except Web Fest New York turned out to be kind of a bust. But I’m sure we’ll make it down sometime :slight_smile: