Michelle Rose (netTVnow) - Public Relations: Dos and Don'ts

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Hello interwebs! I’m Michelle Rose, Founder of netTVnow and all around web series lover!

I fell in love with web series when I stumbled upon Carmilla and I’ve been hooked ever since. Some of you know I work full-time in the PR industry and as a result of thought, decided to help web series creatives by creating a place for them to be featured! We just hit our one-year mark this past May and successfully funded our site for another year! Besides my work on the site, I’ve also helped web series with their PR initiatives as well so I’m excited to talk about the full circle of reporting/media relations.

Got your questions? Ready, set, go!

(I obviously feel the need to shamelessly plug, so find me on Twitter and Instagram @mrose220_ if you feel so inclined but you can find netTVnow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @netTVnow)

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What would you say are the easiest things people CAN be doing for PR on their shows that they consistently don’t do?

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First thing that comes to mind is a press release but only if it has a legit message. General series announcement, funding, etc. I’ve worked with series that put a release out for every single thing (pre-pro, post-pro, filming, etc.) it’s not a good use of your time. I’d say do a general release announcing when your series is airing and if there’s a funding announcement, it would be sensible to create one for that as well.

Also, social media! Social media is big too, but in good taste.

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So on social media… everyone knows they should have accounts for their shows, but what do they actually do with them? What is the best way to maximize your social media impact without just being annoying or running out of steam?

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aren’t you involved with that new “who killed heather” show somehow?

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I would say general tweets and knowing your hashtags about the series are key. Establish a “brand” if you will. I recently worked on the series, #WhoKilledHeather and we established very early on that our series official tag would be #WKHSeries. It keeps things aligned and easy to follow.

Best way to maximize, know your audience. Don’t completely overwhelm people with tags and please, for the love of puppies, don’t send automated DM messages!

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Hello, yes I am! I help do PR and a bit of social for them.

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so how did that work? were you friends with the creators, or did they bring you on later? how do you plan a campaign?

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show is dope, by the way

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Did you change your logo on Twitter because you’re going full-LGBT+ on your coverage, since you already pretty exclusively cover them? Or because it’s pride month? Not saying that’s a bad thing!! Just curious!

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So funny story actually! I used to freelance for StarryMag and since I’m based in Chicago, I cover cons for them. I ran into Neal E. Fischer, the co-creator and director in line for Starbucks. His shirt mentioned web series, so I struck up a convo with him (over the guy dressed as Chewbacca) and hit it off! By the time we hit the front of the line, I was signed up help! He’s a great friend now and I’ve been working with him and the production company (Radar) with the series!

And thank you so much, I’m glad you’re enjoying!

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Haha, not at all, great question. I know, I definitely cover them quite a bit, I will say I struggle with that sometimes because I want to give diverse coverage, but I’m also not going to not cover a series just because I’ve over shared that stuff you know? But it’s definitely something I’m trying to be more aware of.

The logo changed specifically for Pride month. My girlfriend’s pretty great and designed that for me :slight_smile:

I’m assuming you’re a lovely, loyal reader to the site? Can I ask what kind of content would you like to see more of?

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Piggy-backing on that, about the planning the campaign, that’s a really good question, and one I wondered too. Do you make spreadsheets of when you’re going to post specific announcements and photos? How much content do you plan ahead of time, and what does a meeting look like to plan that stuff? “tomorrow, we’ll tweet twice about this thing” ?

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Loyal, yes!! Is there a reason you don’t want to just cover LGBT+ shows? There are def enough of them!!

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Yes. With #WKHSeries, it was already shot and edited by the time I started working. I recently helped out Coupleish and that consisted of combining the season two premiere announcement with the successful funding announcement. So that sort of handled itself well when pitching media.

I do however like to have a general outline or PR strategy in terms of major announcements, how social plays a role and what happens during and post the airing of a series.

One I have an outline, I’ll create maybe 2-3 bullets under each section of target areas so that could look like:

Series Premiere Announcement:

  • Cast/crew social media posts
  • Pitch embargoed release with screeners to top media outlets
  • General media outreach

Social media posts however are a bit different. There are lots of things to factor in. With #WKHSeries, I had access to episodes, so making gifs, stills, using quotes from the scripts was a no brainer, which allowed me to plan ahead my social calendar.

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“embargoed release”? And is that something you’d suggest doing- sending unlisted episodes to media outlets before release?

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I don’t disagree with you but I’ve fallen in love with web series, LGBTQ+ and non. Being friends with people in the community just really showed me that there just isn’t enough coverage for one genre, you know? My goal is to share and feature as many web series as I can. Obviously, as someone who falls into the LGBTQ+ spectrum, I want to showcase series that feature storylines that reflect my life, my interests, all while featuring creatives (on/off screen) on the series.

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