Michelle Rose (netTVnow) - Public Relations: Dos and Don'ts

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Not linking me to their web series or any social media platforms. In a perfect world, I’d get people to send me twitter or preferred social media links for their key actors etc., but that is also asking for a lot, so in my forms section on the site, I really try to spell out what I need specifically.

But the best kinds of emails are the ones where I get a clear idea of who you are to the series, the series name, what it’s about in a few sentences, and what you’re looking for. Sometimes, I do hate when people go: HEY XYZ COVERED ME SO YOU SHOULD TOO.

Should I though?

I also hate when people tell me where they’d like to be published. I think you should very much leave that to the discretion of the journalist. In the case of netTVnow though, obviously for funding campaigns, that should be specified. And I will be updating guidelines as to what I look for in each column.

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what kinds of things would you want to do as a production company? accept pitches? pitch? just pr and oversight boss-lady kind of stuff?

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I will say, only about half of my cast has social media accounts, and about half of them actually use them, so I rarely had more than a name, a photo, and maybe a small bio I harassed out of them lol.

Actually, that reminds me- you probably answered this somewhere else at some point (maybe I even asked you about it? Who knows)

What should go into a press kit? I just made one for my new short film and I included:

  1. Official poster, promo shots, and select stills
  2. Director’s photo and bio
  3. Full cast and crew list
  4. Social media and IMDb links
  5. Film festival wins and official selections
  6. A document with a logline, a short summary, and a long summary
  7. All three released-to-the-public trailers

Anything I missed?

(Michelle Rose Micor) #44

Sorry! I just got pulled into a meeting BUT, as a production company, I’m not really sure? I don’t know what I’d honestly do but the idea of having something branded as a NTN Production is appealing, it might honestly just be more of an option to give creatives a platform to launch it on that already has a successful following.

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Thanks for all the great information! Very helpful!

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My press kits usually include:

  1. Official cover photos, stills, headshots, BTS photos
  2. Cast/crew credentials
  3. Links to episodes and/or social media platforms of the cast/crew as relevant
  4. Press release
  5. A bit of a quick, about me
  6. About me type of thing where you can include the awards etc.

(Michelle Rose Micor) #47

Thank you for reading! I’m always happy to talk about this stuff! So don’t hesitate to shoot me a tweet! I’ll be planning something similar but a video chat for NTN so stay tuned for that!

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Is there a good resource for how to write a press release? Because I have a Writing degree, and when I try to write them, my brain shuts down completely.

Fuckin’ haaaate it.

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UGH seven minutes? :smiley: (Thank you!)