Mikael Thiery, Dublin Web Fest director- AMA

Mikael Thiery is an award nominated web series producer and director with his comedy concept “Ash Airways”. Originally from France, he is based in Dublin for many years. He is the founder of the Dublin Web Fest, the first Irish celebration of online storytelling. His short film “Joe Drummer” was selected for the Chicago Irish Film Festival in 2011 and for the 2011 Dingle Film Festival. He moved then towards the web series format. He has directed the first episodes of a comedy web series titled Ash Airways which were selected for the LA Web Fest. As he has the entrepreneurial spirit he decided to move on with the creation of Twisted Mirror Films LTD with Erol Mustafov, an indie production company focused on original concept and creative content. In addition he set up the indie VOD twisted mirror TV and is currently developing the VOD business model strategy in partnership with Cambridge Judge business school.
In addition, Mikael was part of the French tech booth during the Bastille Day celebration at the Residence de France in Dublin.

Regarding dub web fest here are my duties
Duties included:

  • Achieving a successful first year with 28 events and attendees from around the globe
  • Arrangement and recruitment of speakers, contributors, suppliers and sponsors.
  • Moderator at a masterclass about comedy or How to create a comedic character?
  • Introduction before screenings and during the web award ceremony

Dub Web Fest is a celebration of the storytelling power of the Internet. Dub Web Fest brings together the movers and makers of the digital media and tech worlds to create amazing creative, collaborative opportunities.

Ireland is in a unique place. The European headquarters of the Facebook, Google and Apple are here. We have Joyce, Wilde, and Beckett to our name. We are a film production hub. This is what is needed to succeed in today’s competitive, online centric world: tech savviness and creative edge. Ireland has both.
Dub Web Fest believes that Ireland will be a web series and digital content hub. We want to be the starting point for that future. We will be hosting panels, screenings, workshops and events on the A-Z of digital content today. Dub Web Fest is part of a mission with LA Web Fest, SF Web Fest and Berlin Web Fest to promote web series and digital content creation around the world.
Dub Web Fest, November 2017. How can you not afford to be apart of it?


Hey Mikael! Thanks so much for being here! What are some things related to filmmaking and film festivals people can ask your advice on? We’ve got a lot of curious people here, hoping to make it big!

And another question, just to get us started off right: Why did you start Dublin Webfest, and why did you make it specific to web series? Why not just make it a regular ol’ film festival?

Hey Bri,

Thanks for the invitation ! I have being producing shorts, web series and a web fest with my business partner Erol Mustafov.
I also write comedy sketches and direct

Can you be more specific?

Is Dublin Webfest still accepting submissions?

I love Cinema and being spending hours in movies theaters however I could feel the online storytelling wave coming from California ! After my first short film I decided to develop a web series (Ash Airways). It was selected in LA Web Fest. Back in Ireland, I decided to set up the first Irish Celebration of Online Storytelling.

The Film Industry is evolving and I guess that it’s crucial to grasp this new online series phenomenon

Thanks for being here!! What is an automatic “yes” or “no” for you, in terms of submissions to your film festival?

Welcome! I’m curious about the tech savviness angle you mentioned in your original post. How has the tech angle benefited the Web Fest, and how has it changed the creative side? Has it been easier to find distribution channels because of this? Has it been easier or harder to find audience?

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Yes if there is a moving story, good characters and good prod quality

Hey Mikael- remember to reply to specific questions using the “reply” button, otherwise we don’t know what you’re responding to!

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Yes if there is a moving story, good characters and good prod quality @Mikael_Thiery

I think this is a response to mine. So do you mean that as long as you like a show and it has good production quality, it’s an automatic “yes”? No other criterion?


Nowadays Facebook, Twitter and all the social media platforms changed for ever the way people actually watch and enjoy films.
In Ireland US Companies have set up their European HQ that makes Dublin, a Digital EU Capital. In this mid time Ireland is a land of storytellers… So the perfect equation is the web fest.

Distribution wise it’s not easy but never impossible. The best is to find your niche market/ audience. A good Online Strategy could enhance a great web series

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Can you go into more detail about this? What, in practical terms, should more web series creators be doing to have a better online strategy?

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Any general tips on how to create a good comedic character?

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you mentioned that good production quality is important to you, but a lot of web series are working without much in terms of budgets. is there ever a compromise for you, if the story and acting are good but the footage is a little blurry or the sound is a little rough?

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This year Dub Web Fest Committee have received more series than the previous seasons. The Selection is really tough! The VOD business is growing, big production companies and smaller ones are making some amazing work… The Web series form is definitely becoming the new form of Entertainment

So what do you use to judge submissions, then, if there are a lot of good series to choose from?

The sound design is something to take in consideration because we screen the series on a big screen. If the shots, the acting and the story is original, why not? Also it’s always better to have an original score

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The quality in 2017 is very high in general. Web series makers and producers are super creative. At the end we have a bunch of great series!!!