Mikael Thiery, Dublin Web Fest director- AMA

(Bri Castellini) #61

Last question, and a good one, if @Mikael_Thiery has a little bit more time to lend us :slight_smile:

(Mikael Thiery) #62

Thanks Bri !!!
Thanks everyone for the interesting questions

You may submit your series or/and follow us online (We are everywhere !!! )
#Dubwebfest #Creativity #Webfest

(Mikael Thiery) #63

I do have time !!!

If you study somewhere on the planet Earth you may submit your short film or series to Dub Web Fest.

Regarding the scripts, if accepted you may have the chance to pitch your series at the festival in front of the judges !!!

Pilot episodes are better for pitching in general

(Kallum Weyman) #64

Thanks for the extra time, gives me some stuff to think about. If I don’t do anything this year, will definitely look at next year.

(Mikael Thiery) #65

Think about it !! and message Dub Web Fest anytime !!!


Who should we get to host an AMA next?