Monthly Vancouver YouTube Creators Meet-Up

(Erica) #1

Hello everyone,

My buddy Steve Dotto of Dotto Tech has started a new monthly meet-up group, Vancouver YouTube Creators with both guest speakers to help the community to up their game on YouTube and networking: Vancouver YouTube Creators - Premier Meetup | Meetup

Thought I’d share this here, as for those of us that release our web series to YouTube, it helps to understand the subtleties of the platform that will help you to gain more eyeballs to your series.

The first meetup is this Wednesday September 26th at Thinkific HQ. Provided I get off set early enough to make it, I will be there.

Steve is a technology educator who actually now makes a living with his tech videos on YouTube, his supporting Patreon, and the associated online courses he offers. He is a generous educator and someone that I have greatly benefitted from learning from over the years.