Need Dependable Sound Pro/Boom Operator

(Pablo Andreu) #1

Hey everybody,

I’ve got a shoot in Brooklyn this Monday, February 18, and my sound guy had a last-minute conflict. Anyone know a dependable sound person/boom operator for a non-union gig?

If so, comment here or drop me a line at



(Bri Castellini) #2

ATTN NY/ NJ folks! @avincie @OSTSG @ghettonerdgirl @Carlo_Delmar @Franca @LisaEbersole @MikeDreyden @IllusiveMan @Mark_Mainolfi

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(Pablo Andreu) #3

Thanks for the signal boost, Bri!

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #4

@SoundManMike is my go to for Sound. Not sure if he’d be available during the week though.

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(Pablo Andreu) #5

I actually just nabbed someone for sound but thank you!