Need your inputs for our upcoming WEB SERIES!

(Nakshatra Bagwe) #1

Hey there,

We are currently in pre-production of our upcoming web series cum talk show. I will be interacting with people from LGBT community who will be sharing their heart-warming real life stories. Since its an online show, we are going to use a video calling app and then do the screen recording and then edit it into an episode.

Currently we are doing R&D and yet to finalize one video calling app / software and one screen recording software.

Can anyone please suggest apps for video calling and screen recording which can record voice sharply and still won’t be a copyrighted matter so we can monetize our episodes on YouTube.

Thank you in advance.
Nakshatra Bagwe

(Bri Castellini) #2

I would suggest recording the audio from your app/screen recording separately (on both ends of the conversation) and then replace the screen-captured audio with that.

App recording options:

If you have a Mac, here’s a good computer screen capture with audio walkthrough: