New article ideas for 2018

Happy New Year, folks! As we prepare for the new year…

What articles would you like us to research and write in 2018?

Additionally, in the vein of #Film-School:how-to-make-a-web-series, #Film-School:what-do-you-do-again and #Film-School:i-hate-marketing… do you have any weekly column ideas? Regular columns we could write on a particular theme or topic? We’re open to any ideas!

Also… don’t forget to visit this link to win a possible free ticket to Stareable Fest! Pro tip: the more specific your ideas, the more likely we are to use them!


To decode, we’ve done article series about:

  • how to make a web series from idea to festival submissions
  • the different film roles and what those people do
  • Marketing

How about…how to use your web series experience to get other film-related jobs?

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You wanna write something about that? :wink: Otherwise I can definitely throw something together

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How to make a good web series web site!


I could do something next month, if there’s no set time frame on it.



There’s actually a rundown of what makes a great web series website in this article!

While I personally suggest a combination of HostGator for hosting and domain purchasing and Wordpress for the actual design and content management, there are plenty of great free website options out there. My favorites are Wordpress (the free version), and Weebly, but if you spend a little time researching and designing, most can end up looking polished and professional.

Why a website, and not just a series of social media accounts with tight and consistent branding?

Organization. All your content and links in one place, where you have a bit more control over their display. Plus, having a press page looks very — can you see where I’m going with this? — legitimate!

Cast and crew photos. IMDb is great, but doesn’t offer much information, and if your cast and crew aren’t interested in paying the annual fee to add a photo to their individual pages, it’s not very helpful for identification purposes. With a website, though, you can add as many headshots as you want, visually identifying the beautiful and perfect people who helped make your show.

Professionalism. When you tell people about your show, how do they find more information? A website looks cleaner than even the best designed YouTube channel, and it will give off the strongest “legitimacy” scent to potentially snobbish viewers. Also, and most importantly, what sounds better — “you can find more information on our YouTube channel” or “you can find more information on our website?” Be honest.

Anything else you think we should cover?



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An investigative article on new decentralized video companies based on the blockchain. Some time ago, the people of Popchest was here talking about the subject, but I think it is a whole new world that projects interesting ideas for the future.