New Beginnings- by Stareable's new product lead/designer

(Alexandra Menglide) #1

Today marks two weeks since I joined Stareable full-time.

I downgraded from a fancy 27” iMac and Wacom tablet to my 13” personal laptop with a semi-functional trackpad. I no longer have access to unlimited cold brew for fuel. I don’t have a design team to lean on for support. I was using a cardboard box as my desk for a couple of days. And yet, I have produced more work, at a faster pace, than ever before.

These past couple of weeks have reminded me that you don’t always need perks, amenities and resources in order to get shit done. Stareable is a team of four: one CEO, one tech lead, one community lead, and one product lead (hi). We’ve all taken similar leaps of faith to be here. Our workspace is small but charming; in a building with an elevator operator named Joaquin with whom I practice my Spanish. The room buzzes with quiet energy throughout the day; a reflection of our passion for the product we’re creating and the community we’re building.

Back in 2015, Ajay reached out to me with his idea for Stareable, inspired by a roundup on Time Out New York of the “50 Funniest Web Series.” He saw this new medium’s potential to democratize storytelling and wanted to build a platform that would amplify underrepresented voices. What started off as a side hustle in his living room has evolved into a real company with real employees and real products and, above all, a real community.

TL; DR: I’m really proud to be here and excited to see where this journey leads us :slight_smile:

(Bri Castellini) #2

I’m so excited you’re here!! And I appreciate how much better my eye makeup looks as a cartoon.

(Jonathan Hardesty) #3