Next NJ Stareable IRL: Where should we have it?

Hello everyone! For those local to the NJ area I know it’s difficult to pinpoint a central location so I wanted to take a poll on what spot we should have it. Let me know. Thanks!

FYI we will meet Thurs. June 7th!

  • Princeton
  • New Brunswick
  • Morristown
  • Red Bank
  • Other: Please comment with suggestions

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@SoundManMike @brothablaze @Aquariarts @AudioNinja @OSTSG

Princeton and New Brunswick work best; I work in Trenton and both are close. Scheduling has been my challenge. However, thanks for asking.


Thanks for your input! Can you vote on my poll your top choice? Whichever gets the most votes by Fri I’m choosing. I edited my post for the date.

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