Next week on the forum: Bri Castellini AMA, building community on social media, and more!

(Bri Castellini) #1

Saturday and Sunday, December 16-17- Weekend trailer party: Shepherd and Super Narcoleptic Girl
Monday, December 18- Stareable Film School- 3 Awesome Ways to Build An Engaged Online Community
Tuesday, December 19- Teach Me Tuesday- Share your best pep talk with your fellow filmmakers
Wednesday, December 20- #WebSeriesChat recap and continuation
Thursday, December 21- AMA with Bri Castellini, Community Director for Stareable, creator of the web series Brains and Sam and Pat are Depressed, and producer of the web series Relativity and Stray
Friday, December 22- LeMay Makes A Series- filmmaking and business advice from Alex LeMay, showrunner for YouTube Red and Go90

(Bri Castellini) #2

Please please show up to this, friends, because it’s gonna be hella awkward if I’m just talking into the void like always. Listen- me and the void are pals. But I need some space, ya know?

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(Amen J.) #3

OF COURSE we will be there, Bri! runs away

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #4

Super excited for this! Getting my questions ready! :computer:

(Kyla) #5

I gotta come up with more questions than “why are you so awesome” and I gotta make sure my teacher won’t be able to see my screen… but I’ll be there!!

(Monica Quinn) #6

Go Bri!!!

(Bri Castellini) #7

See you tomorrow…? :wink: :wink:

(Monica Quinn) #8

I have a meeting scheduled tomorrow but we haven’t locked a time yet. If I’m free I will 100% be there. :blush::ok_hand:

(sam lockie-waring) #9

you better believe i’ll be there

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #10

Are you still doing peer reviews?

(Bri Castellini) #11

Yup! I’m officially on my holiday break (thank the gods- haven’t had a break since last Christmas!) but email me after the new year and we’ll get you set up :slight_smile: