Now Entering Anytown, USA: 3 More Days of The Tide

(Darek Kowal) #1

Hi! I’m Darek Kowal, creator of the comedy/horror web series ANYTOWN, USA! My show tells the story of an every-day, All-American, modern family … of cannibals, living in suburbia and dealing with rude neighbors the best way they can … by eating them. Our first 10 episode season is available at our Official Site and Episodes 1-5 are streaming on Amazon Instant Video!

Last week,we were able to get 3 more days of filming in for my new series ‘The Tide’. We also did a pre-shoot yesterday, staging and finding our angles for 3 more days of filming this week. I’m super busy prepping for the shoots, so I wanted to stop by and leave some stills so everyone can get an idea of what the show will look like, and what a departure it is from Anytown, USA. Major praise for my DP, Kurt Long for his excellent work AND for braving the elements with me.

Just a little BTS knowledge, it was in the teens when we filmed in the cemetery. Not fun!

(Bri Castellini) #2

Gorgeous shots! What was your strategy to minimize the negative impact of the temperature?

(Bri Castellini) #3

Also, please tell me all your interior lighting secrets. Those first two shots are close to a look I’m trying to create for my new horror short and I need all the help I can get!

(Darek Kowal) #4

TONS of layers haha, and getting back into a warm car for a nice 20 minutes break. We spent roughly 4 hours outdoors, but it didn’t get unbearable until the end.

(Darek Kowal) #5

We used … 4-5 lights w/ blue gels … both LEDs and heavy duty babies, hitting from my right.

Also, to create some interesting patterns on walls, we cut triangle patterns into a cardboard box and put it in front of the light w/ a stand. It’s called a “cookie”. You can also use milk crates.

(Bri Castellini) #6

At some point, if you’re interested, I’d love an article from you about how to light a scene! It seems to be something no one thinks about at all and yet is SO important.