Now Entering Anytown, USA: Filming The Dystopian Now

(Darek Kowal) #1

Hi! I’m Darek Kowal, creator of the comedy/horror web series ANYTOWN, USA! My show tells the story of an every-day, All-American, modern family … of cannibals, living in suburbia and dealing with rude neighbors the best way they can … by eating them. Our first 10 episode season is available at our Official Site and Episodes 1-6 are streaming on Amazon Instant Video!

We are filming YET AGAIN TODAY, so this is going to be another short and sweet pic drop. We went out to a crumbled steel mill on Lake Shore Drive and … well … I think the results speak for themselves.

These stills are from our 6th and final episode, and I can’t wait to start rolling out footage for everyone to see. I hope everyone else who’s filming/creating is having as much fun as we are with The Tide!

As always, let me know your thoughts and keep the cameras rolling!

(Bri Castellini) #2

Have you explained what The Tide is about yet? Because I’m hyped as hell.

(Darek Kowal) #3

I’m leaving it purposefully vague until we release a trailer (thought I’m guessing that will also be more ‘WTF’ than not, but I’d describe the show as …

‘A supernatural mystery thriller set in the dystopian now’.

Should be something pretty special.

(Bri Castellini) #4

And it’s 6 episodes long? How long do you expect each to be?

(Darek Kowal) #5

6 Episodes, the goal is for the entire series to be ‘feature length’, so between 60-70 minutes. Some episodes (the pilot) will probably be longer than most.

(Robbie Ru) #6

This looks spectacular. Great stills!

(Darek Kowal) #7

Thank you Robbie!