Now Entering Anytown, USA: My Directing Reel

(Darek Kowal) #1

Hi! I’m Darek Kowal, creator of the comedy/horror web series ANYTOWN, USA! My show tells the story of an every-day, All-American, modern family … of cannibals, living in suburbia and dealing with rude neighbors the best way they can … by eating them. Our first 10 episode season is available at our Official SIte and Episodes 1-5 are streaming on Amazon Prime!


I just got in from filming outdoors in a gorgeous cemetery covered in snow. I’ll hopefully have some photos to share in a few days, but will also be incredibly busy as we’re filming tomorrow and Thursday. Production has really picked up!

For today, I wanted to share something I put together over the weekend: My Comedy Directing Reel!

I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts and opinions on the reel. I made it longer than most reels because I feel most “directing” reels are just a series of cool shots, which doesn’t show any ability at all to direct actors or put a scene together.

Darek Kowal Comedy Directing Reel

This is a helpful tool every filmmaker should have. I plan on making one for dramatic material as well.

(Bri Castellini) #2

After I direct my next short film, at the end of the month, I was gonna make a producing reel, so this is perfect timing!

My first impression is that it’s a little long, especially to be from all one project. It feels more like an elongated trailer- I know when I posted a reel last year the consensus was “under 2 minutes” is a sweet spot. I get what you’re saying, about directing reels generally being a series of cool shots, but I feel like there’s a middle ground perhaps.

I really liked how you started and ended with the same scene- gave a great format to the whole thing and brought it to a sensible conclusion. I think you could cut out a lot but the form and the content itself was great!

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