On Feedback

Things have been a little quiet here lately, so I thought I’d start a new discussion about feedback.

I’ve seen quite a number of festivals that offer feedback as part of their offerings, either on your script or finished film. But I’m not sure how much value that would be to me personally. I’m not really interested in feedback from strangers - I have a specific shortlist of people whom I’ve asked for advice because they understand my style and goals. If you’ve submitted to one of these festivals, what’s your experience been?

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I personally do value feedback from strangers; you know that saying about a tree that falls down in a remote forest where nobody can hear it, and did it make a noise?
So like that.
And speaking of which - TGMA2.0 is officially out, and I would love feedback!
Here or on YouTube.

Sorry - this is the right picture

And I don’t remember the rules about links to YouTube, but can share?

Mika (producer of TGMA2.0)

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