Or So the Web Series Go(es): Women in Web Series Shout-Out #2 (Christina de Leon)

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My name is Melissa Malone. I’m the creator (among other things) of the web series, “Or So the Story Goes,”- an anthology series that takes classic children’s literature and adapts it with a modern, horror twist. The series began as a project to teach teens about filmmaking and has grown into a full-fledged award-winning web series.

My bi-monthly column ''Or So the Web Series Go(es)" will discuss all the things that we “work” with throughout the web series world and my experience/advice in each.

If you prefer a lengthier look into who we are, check out my initial post It Better Make Your Heart Sing (aka If Not, Don’t Bother).

However, every few weeks, I take a break from the usual “working with” article theme. As a female series creator that has a show with an insanely large percentage of bad ass women running things, I thought it would be fun (and important) to bring to your attention some other wonderful women in web series.

Women in Web Series Shout-Out #2: Christina de Leon

Christina de Leon is one busy lady. Raised in California she is a trained actress that fell in love with writing. Lucky for us, that led her to the web series world. She is the Executive Producer/Writer/Director of the amazing web series, Nasty Habits. She even appears in the series as an actress in a season 2 episode, Dig.

Photo from iMDB

Nasty Habits is described on the official site as …" a collection of vignettes featuring characters participating in their own addictive habits." As an anthology, each episode covers a different point of view in a ‘slice of life’ episode.

Season 2 Trailer

The series had me from its tagline- “Stories that last as long as your cigarette.” Genius for web series and intriguing from the get-go. I saw my first episode at Vancouver Web Fest 2017 and was blown away by the production value, acting and writing. It’s the whole package. That being said, I was delighted to get to chat with Christina briefly (as a WebVee Guide correspondent) at the festival. She was delightful and smart and I knew her series would be worth the watch. I’ve yet to see an episode that proved me wrong. Each displays a raw, realness that’s hard to tear away from. If the awards it is receiving are any indication- the rest of the world agrees!

Screenshot of Blaine Vedros & Christina de Leon from Nasty Habits episode, “Dig”

Be sure to keep up with Christina and her new works by following along on her social media.

Twitter: @ShutUpChristina
Instagram: @ChristinaFiltersThings

(Bri Castellini) #2

Love this! Will definitely check out this show, and dang Christina! You go girl!

(Theresa Labreglio) #3

LOOOVE this show! She was so nice too!