Or So the Web Series Go(es): Women in Web Series Shout Out #3 (Crystal Arnette)


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My name is Melissa Malone. I’m the creator (among other things) of the web series, “Or So the Story Goes,”- an anthology series that takes classic children’s literature and adapts it with a modern, horror twist. The series began as a project to teach teens about filmmaking and has grown into a full-fledged award-winning web series.

My bi-monthly column ''Or So the Web Series Go(es)" will discuss all the things that we “work” with throughout the web series world and my experience/advice in each.

If you prefer a lengthier look into who we are, check out my initial post It Better Make Your Heart Sing (aka If Not, Don’t Bother).

However, every few weeks, I take a break from the usual “working with” article theme. As a female series creator that has a show with an insanely large percentage of bad ass women running things, I thought it would be fun (and important) to bring to your attention some other wonderful women in web series.

Women in Web Series Shout-Out #3: Crystal Arnette

A fellow Floridian (although I have to admit her home of West Palm Beach is much cooler than my Orlando upbringing), Crystal Arnette is the co-founder of the arts initiative SEQUIN & the founder of the production collective Adventure We Can. She is also the director/2nd unit camera DP/additional editor of the web series “The Hunted Encore.”

Photo by Brian Paulette

The official web site describes the series as “Brawn meets Broadway in this Musical Action Comedy that pits a rockin’ band of vampire slayers against a sinister bloodsucking syndicate. The show is created by Charging Moose Media, and is an official affiliate of “The Hunted” the longest running web series on the internet.”

It’s currently in Season 2 and both seasons can be seen on SeekaTV.

I’m gonna come out and say it (and it will surprise literally no one reading this) I’m a giant geek in my 30s- I was (and still am) seriously into Buffy… seriously into ANYTHING that aired on the WB circa the 1990s-early 2000s, honestly. Naturally, that alone peaked my interest from the beginning. Throw in the fact that it’s a MUSICAL?! Stop. Enough said. I’m watching it. It’s insanely well made with an exceptional cast- and BOY can they sing. :wink:

In addition to directing ‘The Hunted: Encore’, Crystal’s the co-founder of the arts initiative SEQUIN, a non-profit created by Crystal and Cleo Gray to ‘nurture, promote & connect underrepresented voices in the arts’. She is also the founder of the production collective Adventure We Can and the resident videographer for The Flea, Ars Nova, Colt Coeur + Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival. Seriously. Is there anything this woman CAN’T do???

Be sure to check out her current and past projects and keep up with her on social media!

Official Site for Crystal
Instagram @ladybirdcrystal
Twitter @crystalarnette

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I saw Crystal like two days ago- having a Crystal-full week here! Love these shout outs :heart:

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Whoohoo! Crystal-full week! lol