Or So the Web Series Go(es): Women in Web Series Shout Out #3 (Jeanette Bonner)


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My name is Melissa Malone. I’m the creator (among other things) of the web series, “Or So the Story Goes,”- an anthology series that takes classic children’s literature and adapts it with a modern, horror twist. The series began as a project to teach teens about filmmaking and has grown into a full-fledged award-winning web series.

My bi-monthly column ''Or So the Web Series Go(es)" will discuss all the things that we “work” with throughout the web series world and my experience/advice in each.

If you prefer a lengthier look into who we are, check out my initial post It Better Make Your Heart Sing (aka If Not, Don’t Bother).

However, every few weeks, I take a break from the usual “working with” article theme. As a female series creator that has a show with an insanely large percentage of badass women running things, I thought it would be fun (and important) to bring to your attention some other wonderful women in web series.

This Week…

Women in Web Series Shout-Out #4: Jeanette Bonner

Jeanette is a force to be reckoned with. Not only is she a great human being, but she is also a kick-ass worker bee without much downtime. She has her own production company, Kelly’s Pool Hall in NYC. Through her production company she has produced two original web series, “Ghost Light” and “The Scoop”.

Photo courtesy of www.jeanettebonner.com

“Ghost Light” is a narrative comedy series that explores what goes on behind the scenes of a community theater. It has something for everyone- especially if you have ever worked in community theater (as so many of us have). It’s clever and funny and a breeze to watch! There are two seasons available for your binge watching pleasure.

Season 1 Trailer

“The Scoop” is a nonfiction series which finds Jeanette interviewing industry professionals while exploring new and exciting ice cream venues! Mostly located in NYC, Jeanette even explores international ice cream in her episode placed in Vancouver, Canada! It combines two of life’s most fabulous things and Jeanette is absolutely charming in every episode.

Season 1 Highlight Reel

I have had the joy of spending some time with Jeanette at various web festivals and promise you won’t regret taking the time to learn more about her. Be sure to follow her on social media and check out her work. She’s someone you’re guaranteed to be hearing more about in the near future…

Official Site

(Amanda Taylor) #2

Ah, I LOVE this series!! Catching up on the rest …

(Jeanette Bonner) #3

@OSTSG OH MA GAWWWWW! I’m so blushing right now. You are the sweetest person to shout me out like this and for reals I don’t know how much of a force I am but you nailed it about the lack of downtime lol I’m like two days late to this post!!! Please accept my most humble apologies, and my thanks to you dear friend for the love and support and laughs. To know someone in this biz is behind what you’re doing, even in a minor way, is not a small thing. I hope you keep kicking FIERCE ass with OSTSG and being a role model to the next gen of filmmakers. mwah!