Pearls of filmmaking wisdom from an Old School filmmaker

(Ian David Diaz) #1

The best green screen is when it doesn’t distract from the narrative and the audience doesn’t realize it’s there.

Do your actors get on together, do they have chemistry? This is another good reason to have a rehearsal before the shoot.

Actors trust your directors, especially if they have written the screenplay, they know the tone and pacing of each scene. If he or she is good you’ll be good.

How important is sound when you have a micro-budget shoot? Very! So do not neglect it.

Everybody’s a filmmaker today a famous director once said, it’s easier to make films today with very little money, iphoning it, but good storytelling, good directing, good performances, well-shot stuff, are still hard to come by.

Block throughs are important especially when it comes to setting up an action scene. It saves time on set and every good filmmaker knows time is the enemy when it comes to low budget shoots.


(Ian David Diaz) #2

Make-up and costume are important, it refines the character and helps to tell visually who they are.