Pitching 101: You’ve Been Pitching Wrong Your Whole Life… Here’s How To Do It Right

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Most likely… you’ve been pitching wrong your whole life.

This is not your fault. We’re told to pitch yourself and your film in a particular manner by society / media but I wanna show you what’s wrong with the standard approach — and what to do instead.

Wealth, power, and celebrity are sources of status, means of attention. You have none of these. They’re in the power position. You humbly say things like, “thank you so much for taking this meeting with me,” but they don’t know you and they don’t care. They’ve seen hundreds of people just like you trying to sell a script.

How important are you, really? There are many like you, but here’s the good news: if they’re calling you for a meeting, then they’re already interested. Think of it like a date. If a girl agrees to go out with you, it’s because she’s already interested to some degree.

How To Get Status When Everyone Is More Powerful Than You
First of all, no one is “above” you. That’s a limiting belief that will hold you back (which we will talk more about later). For now, let’s assume you’ve managed to get in front of some very powerful executives. What can you do to stand out when you have no status?

Create local status. Sure “global” status can’t be changed, but your local status can. President Obama is one of the most powerful people in the world, yet when Dr. Ronny Jackson tells him to take his pants off and sit in the corner of the room, Obama does so. This is because, in the doctor’s office, the doctor has “local” status…

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