PR firms or publicists with a good track record in promoting web series online

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Does anybody know a good PR firm or publicist who has experience and a good track record with online promotion and publicity for web series. We are first time filmmakers with a low budget, so it has to be someone who will work with newbies who are growiing :slight_smile:

Thanks! i appreciate your input.
Georginna Feyst

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(Joanne) #3

One of my clients had a very good experience with October Coast. I’m not sure of their experience with web series, but I am sure they are good with small budgets.

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Thank you very much Joanne! I appreciate it. Will check them out :slight_smile:


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Thanks Bri! I appreciate the tip. Is @producers on instagram or twitter?


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That’s just a way for me to alert all the people who we’ve tagged as “producers” on this forum! It’s not an official label.