Production Insurance Experience Anyone?

(Pablo Andreu) #1

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any experience with short-term production insurance? Some of our crew have insurance for equipment, but we’ve managed to get along without insurance for damages for venues until now.

We have tentative shoot dates of July 9th and 10th and the usual waiver/contract is not enough this time around.

Everything else is lining up, and these are crucial shoots for us. I’m even considering offering a deposit in lieu of production insurance to placate them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Any recommendations/information?

(Bri Castellini) #2

@Jeanette_Bonner @HackettKate @JonSosis @hermdelica @Alex_LeMay @Farah_Abdou @hbnuss @chelsaat @hiamandataylor ?

(Herman Wang) #3

I frequently use Front Row Insurance for short term film coverage (15 days). I’m not sure where you’re from but they have multiple offices in various Canadian and US cities.

(Pablo Andreu) #4

Thank you, Herman! I’ll check them out.

(Pablo Andreu) #5

So this would’ve been a great option but apparently it’s only available to Canadian national and companies registered in Canada. If there were an American equivalent, that would be ideal.

(Herman Wang) #6

Oh okay, can’t help you there

(Pablo Andreu) #7

Regardless, I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

(Emma Drewry) #8

try film emporium. it’s where I got my insurance for my show (we’re SAG) and it was by FAR the lowest rates-- $1400 for a month long shoot, worker’s comp and general liability, SAG compliant.

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #9

I second Film Emporium.

(Pablo Andreu) #10

Thanks, Emma! That’s really helpful.

(Emma Drewry) #11

no problem! hope it works out-- they’re based in NY though so if you’re on the west coast keep that in mind :slight_smile: